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    Hi there, welcome to our 'neck of the woods'! Please bare with us as we work to build the Whitetail Woods site in the coming days. Questions, Suggestions, and Feedback are appreciated and welcome. Please keep in mind that as the site expands, so may these rules. Expect a Royal Proclamation when large updates happen, but most rules boil down to just keeping things PG-13 and appropriate for everyone over 13.
    • Whitetail Woods is a PG-13 community. Submitted content that contains vulgar language, explicit references to sex, or violence are subject to moderation.
    • Please treat all users with respect, regardless of race, religion, social status, etc. Intolerance is not permitted, and is grounds for immediate removal from the site.
    • Discussions of illegal activity are prohibited. Respect your regional and national laws. Some meta-discussion may be allowed in specific forum or subforum. If you’re not sure, ask a staff member.
    • In the interest of keeping a well moderated community, the ask that members keep conversations in English.
    • Each user gets one account. Duplicate accounts are not allowed, and we may remove one or all if discovered.
    • Do not spam. This includes repetitive statements or sentiments, unauthorized advertisements, post “bumping,” chain-posting, etc. Some exceptions may apply to individual forums.
    • Open advertisement for other MLP FiM themed roleplaying websites wont be tolerated, and will be removed.
    • The staff reserve the right to remove the content of/revoke the membership of any user for any reason, though we won’t do so for no reason.
    • OC and art stealing is strictly disallowed.