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#8990 Endless character approval argument (walls o' text)

Posted by NastyMann on 30 June 2013 - 10:59 PM




#776 Angie drew some stuff or something whatever

Posted by Angie Cakes on 09 May 2013 - 12:30 AM

BLAH, mandatory Angie art topic!



my DeviantArt

my personal tumblr

my Animal Crossing tumblr

my doodle pages (only updated about once a year around June with a full sketchbook of scans)



to be for totally honest, I haven't actually been drawing ponies much lately. for about a year I kind of cut myself off from ponies, and shifted my attention to Animal Crossing, as there was much more variety in the characters. BUT I still do ponies once in a while. I still have to get around to taking commissions though. Once that happens, I'll probably be drawing a lot more ponies unless nobody commissions me *sob*.


Also, rules say I don't have to limit this to just pony art, so I'll probably be posting everything I do here except for the Animal Crossing stuff because I do too much of that. maybe if I draw a horse character I'll post it here.


that's a lie, I'll probably post a few here that I'm extra proud of.





the icons I made for the site


a pony that my four year old cousin described to me so I could draw it for her


a sheep from Animal Crossing to prove that I lied

#5705 Foxxeh's Art

Posted by knight on 03 June 2013 - 10:37 AM

Yeah, I do art. 

I'm thinkin' of livestreamin' some art through live.me sometime, I'll throw a link here if I do. :3 


Here are some of the more recent images I've added to my gallery.


Daylight's End
An OC I did for someone.
Pinkamena gif?


#10952 Getting Trash Past the Radar

Posted by Halide on 02 August 2013 - 07:23 AM

Right, so some characters are edgy.  Some characters are argumentative.  Some characters are brash and unyeilding.  Some characters just hate stuff.  Us human beings have our own words for expressing frustration, anger, or malcontempt in our own ways, but some of those ways aren't such a great idea to just type right up into an MLP E-rated board.  So here's where we start getting creative, and use our linguistic talents to get our point across without actually reverting to foul language.  We can come up with more than just 'buck', after all.


Now, Pegasi have lots of bird puns available, and some of them might prove useful enough.  Pluck and flock do rather nicely to usurp that most versatile of curses, and between the two, you've got almost as much versatility.   "Go pluck yourself" or "That's a flocking lot of bees!"  or whatever other use you might want to throw in will work pretty well.


Keeping up with the bird puns, there's also the bustard - a rather large, highly territorial species of bird that'll quickly peck anyone who happens to step too close to their particular batch of dirt and shrubs.  Any pony or gryphon who's particularly difficult to work with or viciously opportunistic might well be acting akin to a bustard, so go aheand and use that one if you want.



As for unicorns, go nuts with the aerthic and magical puns.  Given the tendancy for magical power to be direct applications of force, 'blast' is probably going to be pretty common.  Blastard might be kind of a stretch, but it would be pretty well off for describing a hot-headed and ill-tempered individual.  Unicorns might also have some pride about the size and functionality of their horns, so calling a unicorn hornless or implying that they're compensating for their lacking horn would work well around any magic-user.



Now, let's move onto religions analogues.  Celestia isn't necessarily a deity, so "Celestia darn it" just doesn't translate all that well, when you think about it  - for that matter, ponies don't seem to have a concept that translates from 'sentencing to eternal suffering', so if you want to sentence somebody with the wish that they go to The Place Of All General Badness, try using 'banish' instead of 'darn'.  Besides, you darn a sock to repair it, darning is kind of a weird colloquialism.  Do ponies even have socks in the show...?


As for unwelcome destinations, ponies in general don't seem to like the moon much.  After all, they spent a thousand years having their greatest fear locked up on the moon.  Tartarus might be where they keep all the really big creatures, but the moon seems to be the end-all of banishment destinations.  NightMare also seems to be a pretty strong figure of evil for quick and easy comparison, if you're looking for a stand-in for Lucifer.  Y'know, even if Princess Luna's in the Pretty Alright By All Accounts bin.


However, these are ponies and gryphons and the like, and most of them seem to be of rather easy-going, forgiving nature.  Don't whip out the psuedo-curses too quickly, champs.  Oh yeah, and I know skipped over calling a stallion a gelding.  Let's just not go there.  Those of you who don't know what it means, just trust me on this one.


Anyone else got any clever ideas for thematic insults or statements of excessive frustration? 



Oh, yeah, and here's some ways Ignition might express her frustration at, uh, just about anyone unfortunate enough to be in shouting distance while she's mad.  Spoilers just to avoid dumping punk pegasus anger all over the place.


#9272 Last Post Wins

Posted by Lotus on 03 July 2013 - 05:48 AM

Hello Last Post Wins.


It's been a long time, but I'm back again.


I've missed most of you, from Penby's jokerness to Angie's art.


From Fawke's madness to Nasty's.... Heart? 

I don't know, I'm bad at poems.


Anyway Tyler007bon here, happy to serve!

#7956 Board Update!

Posted by Dessa on 24 June 2013 - 10:29 AM


Welp, we've worked, we've dragged our hooves, we've gone on an unholy Animal Crossing binge, we've slogged/enjoyed our way through Equestria Girls, but today, we achieve something of consequence!  Yep, that's right, it's a forum update.  Today's theme is growth.

Growing the world
We have a lore forum now.  More importantly, we've developed a sensible system for handling lore! Those of you out there who want to build worlds should head on over there and check it out.  Make sure to hit the stickied posts therein to familiarize yourself with the system.



Growing your garden
We're adding badges!  As you achieve certain things or participate in certain events, you'll earn things to put in your garden (which you can opt to show at the foot of your posts).  The more stuff you do, the more stuff you get.  Right now, we have just two badges (donator and founder), but with your help, we will have many more.  What would YOU like to see recognized?  My pixel-finger is itching to make s'more. (Edit:  Err. very soon.  One or two kinks left to work out for badges).


Growing the forum
With this update, we're also starting outside advertisement to bring some fresh faces in, starting with the a post to Equestria Daily's nightly roundup (including the image atop this post -- much love and appreciation to BrianBlackberry for hooking us up).  Feel free to spread the image itself as well, just as long as you leave the artist's signature and our URL on there.  Depending on how much money we find in the couch cushions (our couches accept donations), we'll get rolling on some genuine ad-buys as well and get some fresh faces for you guys to initiate.  


Growing the cast
Yep, cast!  We'll be starting lesser cast members, and in the coming weeks, and slowly opening up the Big Dogs like the mane six in the coming weeks.


Growing this metaphor ceased to be useful last paragraph.
We've hired some staff.  No more interminable waits while your app slowly festers in the midday sun!  These waits are gonna be totally terminable now!  Welcome aboard, SonicRainboomGirl, Vizionz, Knight, and Iza-Chan.




#1880 What is Whitetail Woods?

Posted by MyLittlePonyTales on 11 May 2013 - 07:02 AM

Who are we?

Whitetail Woods, home of the elusive deer!

What makes us unique?

Right now, there isn't much that separates us very much from any other pony community. However, as we grow, so too will the features that make us unique. Right now, the little shields under avatars are custom to our site, something that is not going to be anywhere else. In addition, an organized and strict canon-following Roleplay area is something that seems to be rare with most other FiM sites I've seen. It's not quite unique, but I think it is different. In the Roleplay area, we've even encompassed locations that are also in the comic or other FiM media, not strictly the locations from the show.

A lot of what we hope to make us unique is expansion of the Roleplay area, whether it's species, locations, tech, or something else. Right now, we're small, but we're growing, and as we do, I think out differences when compared to other FiM sites will shine out.

What do we stand for?

Friendship and Harmony, I guess. Oh, and a large part is community. Whitetail definitely wants to strive to have an open and welcoming and approachable staff, that listens and responds to feedback and suggestions and questions. Involving all members as much as possible is something that will become more evident in the future, and even with threads like this, is kind of obvious right now.

What is our identity?

Deer. Deer seems to be the identity here.

What are the attributes, services, aesthetics and community dynamics that would make Whitetale Woods a special place?

I think the large community aspect and friendliness and openness of staff is going to be a large positive trait on the site. The focus on deer, as well as ponies, is a nice draw, because it's not a focus most other sites are going to take. Deer haven't even been seen in canon, although the Whitetail Woods location does imply that they do indeed exist. And they did have some part in Lauren Faust's original designs for the show, so they are canon in that way as well.

I think that the services we should offer can mainly be told by the userbase. I mean, the staff have lots of great ideas, but 50 people is probably going to be able to come up with more than 5-10. I don't want this to be just another FiM site that's going to fall by the wayside, I want it to be something awesome that's going to stand out, and when people talk about MLP sites further down the road, they'll ask if people have heard of Whitetail Woods.

I mean, I've been to sites that are just like... 'hey, we like ponies and decided to make a site' and they don't seem to be very well thought out, and many times they just kind of die out. Whitetail Woods wants to be more than that, and we do want to be different. We're just not at the full different that we want to be just yet, but we're building to that.

#1500 What is Whitetail Woods?

Posted by weesh on 10 May 2013 - 09:55 AM

This wonderful place is still under 3 weeks old, and questions could be asked about a young community.


Who are we?

What makes us unique?

What do we stand for?

Where are our hearts?

What is our identity?


These will be defined over the next months, possibly organically just by letting things fall where they may.  The posts of the members, and the guidance of the staff will mold us and our identity will come into focus.

But we could be intentional about it.


What are the attributes, services, aesthetics and community dynamics that would make Whitetale Woods a special place?  


I'd like to put forward a few ideas and hear the results of your own personal brainstorms.  



*Inclusive (even if you aren't an RPer!)





*Sticky (can't put it down)

*Growing (deeper and wider)



*Respectful (especially in disagreement)


Please share the things that would charge you up about this family.

#13177 MLP Artwork

Posted by MyLittlePonyTales on 08 September 2013 - 04:55 AM

In the spirit of the site!


#12836 Telephone Pictionary 2: This Time It's Personal

Posted by Diego Havoc on 03 September 2013 - 01:05 PM



Diego Havoc:


"It followed me home. Can I keep it? Please!?"


Angie Cakes:






"Not even puppy dog eyes could convince Rarity to agree to this."








Rarity and Spike enjoy nature while Spike continues to have a crush on Rarity.
"A pony is feeling proud after jumping off the most dangerous waterfall."
Rainbow Dash avoids a perilous fall into a sea of pure adorableness
Rainbow Dash held on to Applejack for dear life, hanging precariously over the pit of chittering Changelings.
Alas, Applejack struggles to save her rainbow marked friend from falling down the pit, becuase due to her broken wings, she can't escape the gapes of many, hungry, love-thirsty bugs.
Though she may be an Apple through and through, her southern style power of will is useless against the wrath of Queen Chrysalis.
Good game everyone!

#9150 Endless character approval argument (walls o' text)

Posted by Bananafluff on 02 July 2013 - 12:17 AM

I was a tad frustrated with the character approval system at first too, but I really think that it helped me to flesh out my character in ways that I wouldn't have thought of if someone hadn't put some pressure on me and forced me to think and work harder on them. Now, some things about your OC may be incompatible with the rules and regulations on this site, but I do honestly think it's fair and balanced. Right now I'm seeing three main problems:


1) There's an unusual amount of focus on this wing-hoodie thing. Is such a trivial thing like that really so important to your character's lifestyle and backstory that it's become such a point of contention? I don't know, just seems like a strange thing to want or complain about really. @_@


2) You're comparing your OCs problems getting accepted to other OCs on the site who got accepted. Instead of looking at other sources like Gargoyles or LotR to try and justify Colt, think of how your character would exist in the FiM universe. Yes, the world of FiM is cobbled together from many different fictional elements and influences, but really examine things. Could your character feasibly exist within the boundaries set by the show?


3) You're being very antagonistic with the staff. From my short experience seeing them, they've been very cooperative and helpful in assuring that everything runs smoothly around WtW. If you want to try and present your case fairly, you might wish to try and not be so hostile. :shy:

#8967 Endless character approval argument (walls o' text)

Posted by MyLittlePonyTales on 30 June 2013 - 08:24 PM

Let me address the character concerns, for a moment.

  • Techo Tealeaf -  sell "magical drinks" with magic and owns a "night club", two elements that have never seen on the show. We have seen potions and parties but not drinks that have been infused with or "clubs"
Actually, Zecora makes magic potions all the time. Mixing drinks, potions, and other liquids doesn't seem very complicated to expand upon. It's a very simple process, one that's been around for probably thousands of years in our world. In addition, we can't really see EVERY business of EVERY town or city in Equestria. A night club doesn't seem like an unnatural thing to appear in show. After all, there was a Saloon shown in Over a Barrel, which would indicate that alcohol exists.

  • Dodger - Has or had close relationship with a Cynogriffin, WTF is a Cynogriffin? I had to google it to know what it was and discover they are Canine Gryphons that never appear on the show.

You know what, that was OUR bad. Dodger was ported over from another site, and it seems that myself and the staff member that approved it missed that. That's part of the reason we now have the two person check system. The staff make mistakes, and we aren't afraid to admit that. I will update the character and remove that reference, I'm sorry that I forgot it was there. We're all human, we're not perfect.

  • Seeker - Mentions the San Palomino Desert and the mountain outskirts of the Macintosh Hills never mentioned in the show and claims  to be part of a  nomad shepherds family that has never depicted in the show.

The San Palomino Desert is actually from the canon map. Though the location has never been named in show, the map IS officially licensed by Hasbro, and thus, fits into our canon. That's the same with Macintosh Hills, both are on the canon map. EVERY current location on the board is canon, and you can look at all of them on the Equestria page of the MLP Wiki. There is also the possibility of creating new locations through the lore section of the board. There is even ability to create new species, expand on the species of the show (you could even pitch your idea that Dragons can do magic), and all sorts of things that go beyond the canon of the show.

  • Tenderhoof - He is a deer, a creature never hinted to exist in Equestria other than the horn on the reprecentation of chaos itself.

Ah, this one is easy to explain! So, you know how this site is called Whitetail Woods? Did you know there is also a real life create called whitetail deer? That would indicate that deer exist in Equestria. In addition, being as we can and are willing to expand on the Equestria world through the lore section, we did so reasonable at first with adding deer. In addition, Lauren Faust had created a character before she left the show, which was a pony raised by deer. There is evidence that deer could have, and might still in the future, appear in the show. The strongest point being the existence of Whitetail Woods, of course.

We are always looking to improve, and the best way we do that is getting feedback from users. One of the important things on your part is to try to keep calm, cool, and patient, and I know I definitely strive to be so as well, and hope the other staff do too. Davroth responded to you, so know that even the Admin is listening here on the board. Our site is still very new, so we are all still learning. I know that we made some mistakes coming out of the gate, in the very beginning of the site, and we're working to shape the personal canon of the board and also keep within the confines of the show. Some things we're willing to expand on, some things we're just not ready for yet. We're really trying to find a balance, and the people that are going to help us do that is EVERYONE on the site.

So, you can ride out the hiccups with us, and help us build and expand the board, or you can leave, which I'm fine with too. Not because I want you gone, but because I want you to be HAPPY. If you aren't happy Roleplaying and chatting here, go somewhere where you will be. That's not said out of spite or anything, that's just me being truthful. Not every MLP community is the same, and there are HUNDREDS out there. So maybe Whitetail isn't a good fit for you, so what? Go find a site that IS a good fit, or even make your own! There are lots of possibilities, but the important thing is that we all came here because of our love of cartoon talking ponies, and that we all strive to follow the values the show teaches. Yeah, we all make mistakes, even the ponies in the show make mistakes. We just have to try to learn from them, and let others help us do that too. So, I hope you'll reconsider, and stick around. But hey, if you don't, I hope you find a place that is everything you want a pony site.

#8357 Board Update!

Posted by NastyMann on 26 June 2013 - 08:45 PM

I want all the badges. I'm gonna be the very best that no one ever was.

#6580 Let us be honest.

Posted by Conor Colton on 08 June 2013 - 10:10 PM

Well this seems a good a place as any to get some things said. (Yes I am about to splurge some mad honestly on y'all so get your umbrellas and stuff)


I don't believe there should be any need for arguing between Canterlotians or Woods inhabitants, 'cause c'mon now that's just silly. I won't sugarcoat it and I'll just say a fair amount of people did choose to come here in the hopes of escaping some prior difficulties, even if it wasn't their first intention, that's a given. Heck even with myself, I got fired from their staff 'cause I raised a question in chat that apparently shouldn't have been asked, and even now I'm roaming around Canterlot and here like a headless chicken as a result, not really knowing what to do, but the idea of hating whatever experiences Canterlot gave you for likely one or two or three instances of bad treatment seems odd to me. I know most of you likely did have these good experiences as well, given the friends you've brought here.


I'll be honest in saying that Canterlot is not perfect, and that it's management is far from perfect, and it is certainly not for everybody. I first got into Canterlot as a way to experience the fandom in a more personal and interesting way and I did manage to do that, even some of the mods here can attest to that. I don't regret my time spent on Canterlot 'cause, for all it's errors and occasional mishaps, it was still a good experience, and a good experience I hope to continue once I find myself with more free time. I know I didn't get along well with everybody on Canterlot but I don't get along with every person in every group of people either. Does it mean I'll hate 'em for it? Nah. Does it mean I'll still vent and feel mad about it? Of course, but it's all about how you handle that emotional response to something like a banning or a firing.


I really and truly think Whitetail woods should not be looked at as a bi-product of Canterlot's occasional slip ups, 'cause then what does that make this site? I understand there will naturally be tension between some devoted users of either forum but at the end of the day we're all in the same fandom and we can all relate to similar concepts and actually care about each other as opposed to this black and white, left or right mentality that could happen.


I'm saying this mostly as a release to get it off my chest but this is be being honest about it (As the title of this thread implies) I don't believe there should be room for any arguing or loyalties since we're all only ourselves and only hold responsibility for ourselves. If we wanna go to another forum then sweet. But when we start comparing sites and being all defensive over something we can never really control it just seems silly to me. It's all a matter of opinion though so you guys think what you like, just decided to throw my two cents in here.


So, honestly, to sum this whole post up, I'll use this. 



And I will see all of you again once these confounded final exams are done! Until then, all the best!  ;)

#19736 Telephone Pictionary 6: A Game You Can't Refuse

Posted by weesh on 22 March 2014 - 12:34 AM





"It's no wonder that Applebloom is scared to enter the barn"






"you are so tiny, but your problems are so huge."






"Ponies, standby for Applefall."






"Applejack's recent trauma transforms her into mean and ruthless 007 agent. She can't contain her rage and anger of injustice that occurred to her pony friends."





"Agent apple is here to ruin your day."


Don Diego:



Templar Frost:

"An apple, finally bursting with pent-up rage, carries out swift vengeance."






"Good Customer Service"





#16411 Telephone Pictionary 4: Pictionary Harder

Posted by Diego Havoc on 24 November 2013 - 03:32 PM





This is why we don't normally wear clothes...








"Rainbow regrets her harsh critique of Rarity's new line."








A pony's troubling Tina Turner transformation is less successful.








"Pony feeling confused as to why she got so tanned and intense curly hair when she came out of the most advanced tanning machine."








Cutie Mark Crusaders sun tanners, yeah!








"The Cutie Mark Crusaders do battle with a battalion of baby dragons and their alligator pets for supremacy of the local swimming hole!"








The silliest of arguments start on the beach.








An absolutely fantastic round, I think you'll all agree! :D

#14640 Telephone Pictionary 3: Pony for All

Posted by Diego Havoc on 08 October 2013 - 09:35 AM



I started with:


The Great and Powerful Trixie gets the star role in your favourite movie!





(I'm sorry, I have no idea what movie this is)




You can bring Trixie to a drink, but you can't make Trixie drink it.








The great and powerful, RAINDROP!








A magical pony is displeased with the results of her experiment.








Twilight sparkle and spikes totally frightened by big motorcycle crash after leaving the annual equestria Star Wars theme Halloween party.








Star Wars ponies show up too late to stop the battle.


Me again:






Laser fire came in from every direction as Luke Skytrotter and his friends looked on with great anxiety.

#14329 NIGHTMARE NIGHT SPECIAL!!! Entry through 10/12 !!!...

Posted by knight on 02 October 2013 - 01:12 PM

Set to run from now until 10/12/2013, this week's character is.....



She's got some special talent and even comes with a shiny pet scarlet macaw!!! (oooooh! aaaaahhh!) Is she a pirate for a living? Or does she traverse the open seas looking for love? OR MAYBE IT'S JUST A NIGHTMARE NIGHT COSTUME!? WHO KNOWS!!! IT'S UP TO YOU!!!

#13550 Entry through 9/26

Posted by knight on 16 September 2013 - 01:00 AM

Entry for 


Goes here. 


Comment your username if you'd like to enter. 


Topic will be archived before the new raffle start date.


#10105 I made an alicorn OC and nopony can stop me!

Posted by Dalison on 13 July 2013 - 08:59 PM

Crits would be lovely. <3


(Her cutie mark is still a secret... )