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Nightmare Night 2013

Nightmare Night is upon us!

Spooky adventures await!!


The Festival Grounds

Everypony is bustling around, coming and going! You can smell the cotton candy and popcorn from the vendors in the air. There are carnival games all around, as well as a puppet show, a fortune teller, a magic show, and just about anything imaginable! Everypony has come out to celebrate Nightmare Night, and take a break from working to enjoy the evening with family and friends.

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"Nightmare Night, what... - last post by Davroth

The Gazebo

A more romantic and enclosed area away from the main dance floor, where couples can come to dance in a more secluded spot. The dance floor is full of ponies grooving and moving, but the Gazebo is a place where you can take things down a notch and spend time with that special somepony.

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Following Her Ears [OPEN] - last post by ZephyrBurst

The Corn Maze

Don't get lost! The corn maze is full of twists and turns and dead ends. If you get lost, you could be stuck in here for a long while! Although, being lost with somepony special might not be all that bad... However, as the night grows darker, the maze gets spookier, as the moon becomes the only thing to light your way through the dark maze. Some ponies are liable to play pranks and send you in the wrong direction, or jump out and scare you! Watch out!

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The Corn Maze - last post by Fawkes

The Haunted House

If you thought the Corn Maze was scary, wait until you get to the Haunted House! Ghost, Ghouls, and Goblins, oh my! There are ponies in scary costumes running about, fake lightning going off, and creepy sounds! There are also a few mischievous ponies that are NOT part of the attraction, just waiting for somepony to scare. Keep your wits about you, and maybe consider taking a friend to hold on to!

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Here is the House [OPEN] - last post by SonicRainboomGirl

Scarecrow Corner

Who doesn't love arts and crafts? Here's a place where you can let your creative freedom roam, using the buttons, loose hay, string, beads, plastic jewels, and whatever else you can find, to make a work of art! There are also coloring pages for the younger foals. Show off your artistic style to everypony! (Post your Halloween themed crafts and coloring pages!)

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Boxy's Costumes [OPEN] - last post by SonicRainboomGirl

Pumpkin Carving

Some of the nearby farmers were generous enough to donate pumpkins for the Pumpkin Carving area. It also looks like a few other types of squash have been left for those who want to mix things up a bit! Show off your skills, and just have fun!
(Post your Halloween pumpkin that you carved!)

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Pumpkin Carving - last post by Fawkes

The Hay Hop

It's time to settle down for the evening and take a hay ride. The Hay Hop ride goes all the way around the Festival so you can get off wherever you please, or stay on and take a nap! If you ever find yourself lost, just wait for the Hay Hop to come around again to help you find your way. It's a place to relax and just enjoy the sites and sounds of the festival, whether it's your first or last ride of the evening.

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The Hay Hop - last post by Fawkes

Free For All

What could be more scary then some FFA RP?

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A Good Scare - last post by LobsterPolice

Nightmare Night - OOC

Plan out your Nightmare Night RPs here!

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Trick or Treating OOC Thread - last post by ninjagriffonprankster