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List of Locations

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Posted 26 April 2013 - 08:40 PM

Southern Equestria lies south of the Everfree forest and the Applewood mountain range. It extends westward to the ocean, and Eastward to the edge of the Hayseed forest. Its warm and arid year-round, and unbearably hot in the summer.  The western edge of these lands is very sparsely inhabited, consisting of the wide-open San Palomino desert and mountain range.  Most of the southern Equestria's population lives in towns scattered across the eastern prairie, the most notable of which are Appleloosa and Dodge Junction.  The harsh terrain of the southern Badlands serve as the southern Equestrian border.

Appleloosa is not a particularly large town, but it has gained notability for its prairie apples. Positioned along the Pony Express railway, and nearest to central Equestria, it finds a fair amount of traffic passing through, both commercial and domestic. Recently, Appleloosa was a point of contention between ponies and Buffalo, with each side claiming the land as their own. This matter, however, was settled after the infamous food fight at the Old Hay Corral, with both parties agreeing to share the bountiful plains. Today, Appleloosa has become a popular trade destination for Buffalo and ponies alike, with the two intermingling peacefully.

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The Badlands make for dangerous travel for the unprepared creature, whether by land or sky. Its formidable crests and canyons slowly progress to a perilous crawl, a fact that the roving bands of Rovers—the Diamond Dogs—are all too willing to take advantage of. Flight over the Badlands is no less fraught with peril; strong, unpredictable gusts batter these skies, threatening to smash creatures and vessels into the terrain. There's little of worth here to find (save what the Dogs might have accrued over their years of thievery), but the occasional Zebra sees fit to brave these lands for reasons known only to them. Likewise, few ponies ever make the trek southward over land, and as a result, few have any knowledge of Zebra lands.

Dodge Junction is known quite well these days, though many ponies may never see it. Whether a pony is looking for cherries or adventure, there's a solid chance both have come from this little town from the desert. Having almost an exclusive monopoly over exploring the Hayseed forests or welcoming the few migrants from the southern Badlands, ponies can find all sorts of unusual and unexpected wonders in Dodge Junction - a trait which compliments the warm and inquisitive natures of the ponies living there.

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Macintosh Hills
Coming soon!

Saddle Arabia
Coming soon!

The San Palamino Desert has almost impassable terrain; it varies radically between steep, rocky outcrops, vast and unscalable by even the best mountaineers, and large dusty plains where sandstorms whip and roar all round, making flight over it all but impossible. The only way to traverse it is by following the route of the river, and even that is fraught with dangers. Zebras seeking to make their fortune in the pony world must walk this path, alone, as a test of their devotion to their cause.

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