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Requests and Commissions

Help an upcoming brony convention out! WE NEED MASCOTS AND ARTISTS!

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#1 HorseshoeFallsEQ



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Posted 04 May 2014 - 02:44 AM

Hello Everypony,

This is Horseshoe Falls Equestria -- or HFEQ for short -- an upcoming brony convention made for bronies, by bronies, in Niagara Falls, Canada. We have seen that your community is full of incredibly talented artists, and it would mean the world to us if some of you could help us out, to any degree. Any means of contact - for art or for anything else - is deeply appreciated.

As you could probably tell by the title, we are asking for something very specific: a fresh, creative mascot to headline our brand. We are calling out to the amazingly talented artists that we have within our community to help us design it, even you! Think of it as a contest – the design which is most interesting, creative, and representative of the Niagara area will become the official mascot of HFEQ! However, there can be more than one winner; if we can’t decide on a single one that really stands out, as we expect, we may have a whole Horseshoe Falls ‘gang’ of friends on our hooves! However, none of this will happen without you! So:
In a single, organized  message, using the submission form below, please provide an easy-to-access link (i.e. DropBox or Imgur), to your mascot design and colour palette (a list of colours used in each part of the design), as well as a few short sentences about the following:
  -Your mascot’s name.
  -An isolated, front-on view of the Cutie Mark (if applicable), and an explanation of what it is and what it represents.
  -A brief (one paragraph or less) description of your creation’s background, personality, and how he/she represents Niagara Falls as a whole – this one is quite important, so choose your words wisely!
  -A concise, but in-depth, explanation about how each part of your creation – mane, coat, cutie mark, etc. – represents Niagara Falls and its residents, our convention’s values (feel free to contact us at either chair.hfeq@gmail.com orvicechair.hfeq@gmail.com for more information regarding this), and why it stands out.
That’s all!
Here’s a short list of suggestions for aspects your design can represent:
   – The Niagara Falls themselves, or the dam/turbines/generators behind the Falls that power a massive area of Canada.
  – The residents of the area, local First Nations culture, etc.
  – The Maid of the Mist.
And more!  Remember, these are only suggestions: feel free to let your creativity flourish.
Unfortunately, as much as we know creativity hates boundaries, we do have to set down some amount of rules so that our contest remains consistent and appropriate.
  -No content that could be considered offensive to ANY group – children, religious groups/ethnicities/races, or ESPECIALLY First Nations Peoples. Appreciating First Nations art and incorporating it is not only acceptable, but highly recommended, so long as it does not conflict with the previous guidelines. There is a fine line that must not be crossed. We have confidence, in each and every one of you, that we will have no issues with anything of the sort.
  -Using non-pony races are acceptable – in fact, we hope to see at least a few submissions of deer, wolves, bears, or similar forest wildlife. However, please don’t use mythological species (gryphons/hippogryphs, krakens, etc.) unless you have an excellent reason for it. Remember, this is an All-Brony convention!
That should about do it for super-annoying rules. However, one last teensy-tiny little request before we end this post: even if you don’t win the contest, or didn’t even enter, please don’t hesitate to contact us at applications.hfeq@gmail.com or go to our Volunteer page and offer to volunteer at the convention itself, or help us prepare to any degree. We will gladly welcome you to our creative team, where your artistic/creative skills will be greatly appreciated and put to use helping make Horseshoe Falls Equestria the Best Brony convention to date!  We are accepting all manner of artists – from traditional artists to electronic, animators to voice actors, and everything in between!  Just send an e-mail at the above address and an HFEQ staff member will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss placement.
Now for the good part!
Not only will the winner of this contest have their design(s) featured in ALL Official HFEQ Media, but the winner/winners will receive a 3-Day Pass and an Exclusive ‘Designer’ T-Shirt (your character featured on a t-shirt, and “Designer” written in big bold font).
Cheers, and good luck! We hope to see some excellent designs from the talented members of this community!
The Horseshoe Falls Equestria Team
Niagara Falls’ First-Ever Brony Convention
Coming To You Spring 2015

#2 Noedig



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  • LocationTexas, USA

Posted 05 May 2014 - 06:58 PM

Too far, that's practically across America for me. xD

#3 HorseshoeFallsEQ



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Posted 05 May 2014 - 08:47 PM

Too far, that's practically across America for me. xD

Hi Noedig,

That's okay! We can work out other prizes if you're not able to come, if you contribute art of course.

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