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Earth Pony

Holiday Parade [FINAL]

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Posted 05 June 2014 - 06:48 AM

Roleplay Area: LoE


Name: Holiday "Holly" Parade

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Earth Pony

Eye Color: Pine Green ( - #01796F)

Coat Color: Cream (  ███   - #FFFDD0)

Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style: Keeps a (rather pointlessly) well-groomed, lengthy mane bundled up underneath an oversized, lop-sided soft fabric tophat. A swankily groomed, straight-haired tail pokes out from underneath her overcoat. Her mane and tail are both colored a solid Burnt Umber (  ███   #A45A52)

Appearal: Her large tophat falls slightly towards one side, and appears to be made from softer, plush material (thick, high-quality wool), despite not ever showing any rips or tears. Two purple peacock feathers stand tucked against the side of the headwear. Wears a bulky matching overcoat, multilayered with varying materials - many foreign to most ponies - for insulation purposes, tapered over her withers and each flank with images of her Cutie Mark, rear flaps covering her rump with the exception of her tail. Base color is Carmine Red (  ███   - #960018) while the finishing edges and under-layer are faux-furred and of a Vanilla tone ( - #F3E5AB). The coat is sewn and accented with solid silver studs. She prizes both these objects greatly, but each for different reasons.

Physique: Shapely, but retains a healthy average weight. Passably decent toned muscles from hauling her cart over distances.

Cutie Mark: A Multicolored, tri-limbed jester's hat with bells at each limb.

Residence: None, technically. Travels with a two-part cart, one used as compact personal quarters, the other used as a smaller fabric-canopied supplies and equipment carrier. She'll often rent rooms or houses whilst staying in towns, particularly Maresview or large cities.

Occupation(s): Traveling "Gamesmaster" (primary), Hostess of Events, Parade March Leader, Aspiring Showmare

Personality: Seemingly outgoing, humorous, teasing, flirtatious and friendly; Holiday loves being the center of attention at events. Off work, however, not so much. She prides herself over her social faces for the public, particularly when acting out as a director for any sort of show, celebration or festival, yet greatly values the downtime she gets to herself in between gigs. It isn't uncommon to find her nowhere in sight after one of her events end, as she's known (amongst close friends, at least) to sneak off from the crowds for a breath of non-social air.


Regardless, she strives to be seen as charming and entertaining in the company of others, and certainly isn't above more playful tones of conversation. She loves pointing out irony or puns whenever she gets the opportunity, which is shown as simply part of her sense of humor. For all her seemingly carefree displays, she can become quite serious if need arises- a side of her she doesn't usually show openly to the public, apart from perhaps making a punchline to a joke. In this, she's also learned to play guessing games with other ponies, letting them have to wade between the lines of her speech to find some implied meaning, much to her own amusement. In very rare cases, she can be lecturing, though is almost never forceful with her opinions, believing others are free to choose what they themselves believe, and that it usually doesn't affect her in any significant manner.


Holiday has what many might consider as a peculiar view on her more intimate relationships. While not at all accurately said to be an open interest to simply anypony she encounters, she holds a belief that "she doesn't need to be in a relationship to know how to love somepony". Others have often critiqued her in the past for not having stuck by her few past romantic interests, something she outwardly appears to shrug off but that can secretly lower her self esteem at times. It isn't uncommon for her to also attempt to hide this, or to reason it off as a product of her constantly traveling nature.


She has a pet cat as a companion; a well-aged tabby named Boods (pronounced 'Boodz') whom despite his inactive old age is very friendly and affectionate. It isn't uncommon for her to refer to him under the monicker 'Boody' instead. Unfortunately this has frequently lead to ponies mishearing her calls for him when she allows him to roam outside her wagons, thinking her to be yelling something far less appropriate.


She loathes being called 'Harpy', for reasons she seldom speaks of.


She greatly dislikes most conflict, harsh judgements against her, and being deliberately upstaged in her performances. Losing face in front of the public is something she means to avoid.

History: Born an only foal to a couple of roving merchants, Holiday's official home town is Hollow Shades, although she would disagree promptly if ever asked. This was because that, while she was technically born in the small eastern forested town, her parents had promptly migrated and settled amongst the populace of Foal Mountain, in the town of Maresview for the purposes of raising their daughter. The accepting community and familiar trade routes helped them find roots for a home, despite the restlessness of wanting to travel as they had become so accustomed to. Holiday herself found the environment stimulating at an early age. She developed a tendency at foalhood to blurt out whatever opinion or thought she had in discussions, often much to the amusement of her classmates. Though mildly embarrassing, she never quite formed the concept of being laughed at until maturing later in life, taking even often offensive comments in blind stride as they flew right over her head without her notice. Although they were happy to see their offspring so disengaged from conflict, Holiday's parents were concerned for her overly carefree and largely ignorant nature at an early age, even having gone as far as misinterpreting accounts of teasing even as compliments. Today, Holiday can still recall multiple visits to a therapist's office in her foal years.


She grew up with stories of her family's many travels, and the wondrous places they had visited during. These lead her to having fantasies of wandering the world from town to town, seeing what each had to offer. Though her parents appreciated this side of her greatly, it also lead her to wandering out into the wilderness during her free time, heedless of their scoldings. Even worse when she'd been accompanied by other foals. As she burned through school with hardly a care for most classes, she found that she greatly enjoyed taking part in coordinated group performances, such as plays or other bands, even though her level of skill varied immensely. It wasn't until she had had an argument with her parents over whether or not she was spending too much time involving herself with extracurricular activities instead of focusing on her main studies in school, particularly of her playing hostess to a fund raising event, that an image of a jesters hat popped up on her flank. Although amends were eventually made, she hadn't spoken a word to her folks for nearly a week after the incident.


Upon reaching maturity - and some might debate that part - she took odd jobs, usually alongside salesponies and merchants in the small town she grew up in, yet would also organize almost weekly gatherings and events on the outskirts of town. They were usually fairly low-key, various forms of entertainment, tricks and games, all thought up in whatever free time she could find. These became popular as notice grew, and she eventually found herself making bits off of her beloved hobbies instead, and came to become a full time event hostess and showmare. Time passed and her fantasies of exploring the world took over after she saved enough from her performances to purchase basic means of mobile housing and prop transport, with which she now hauls from town to town. Although she has numerous titles and self-acclaimed occupations at this point, she most frequently refers to herself as a "gamesmaster", referencing her endeavors to bring a new kind of game event or trick to every new town she visits, along with an only growing list of old ones. She is now a most memorable, and usually pleasant sight for those towns, villages, outposts and cities fortunate enough to have her pass through, easily recognized by her playful demeanor and almost gaudily ridiculous attire.

#2 Shadowrunner Darkfire

Shadowrunner Darkfire

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Posted 05 June 2014 - 11:54 AM

Like it so far, cant wait to see more :) . I really like the traveling games mare occupation, i haven't seen that yet, it sounds like it would lead to a lot of fun, and interesting story arcs in  rp. 

#3 Flipthetables


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Posted 10 June 2014 - 10:23 PM

Heya Cobs!

As you already know I will be reviewing your app here!

And I'd have to say after reading this I can't find any problems here! Holiday seems like a fun character and I can't wait to see her around the forums!

Moving to pending! :)

#4 SonicRainboomGirl



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Posted 11 June 2014 - 05:42 AM

You're gonna go far, kid.



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