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S5-E1 & E2 Discussion: Cutie Markless

S5 Season 5 Cutie Markless

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#1 weesh


    Green Rat Bunny Thing

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Posted 04 April 2015 - 05:57 PM



oh man, this was FANTASTIC!


I'm so glad it was a little adventure...I like the more philosophical episodes to the mammoth adventure ones.


Also, the fact that the mane 6 empowered the other ponies, but then were unable to save themselves was very interesting.  The ending, where their new friends were the final heroes was wonderful!  Have we ever seen that?  It seems like every episode leaves one of the main characters as the hero.


Very interesting, they all decided to stay?!

Where did they come from?  It seems that they are excited to start fresh though.  I wonder how they got there in the first place?  Were they all orphans, or adrift, or lonely to start?  That would make them more amenable to what's-her-faces' plot.


Oh!  And the mane six didn't feel compelled to just ride off into the sunset!   I love that they stayed to build relationships with them!






Really tight writing from a moment-to-moment perspective.  Lots of good little intros to the characters for new people:

  • Spike sleeping, and waking up surprised by the map was excellent
  • Fluttershy giving everyone the benefit of the doubt was absolutely in her character.  being unable to rat out the ponies was fantastic (also, the sacrificial confession from what's his face was a fine surprise).  They came up with a plan that forced her to step out of her comfort zone, and she agreed, but you could see the tension clearly.  Yay for favorite character using the heck out of her talent.
  • Pinkie had their number from the first moment.  I don't like when shows make it obvious to the viewers that something is wrong, but expect us to believe that none of the characters can figure it out
  • Similarly, Rarity was uneasy by the architecture
  • Rainbow continues to be impetuous and brash, but in this case, it is good to see someone take a stand while the others were confused.
  • Twilight tried to be personable and friendly, even when others recognized her.  She wants to maintain her responsibility while not giving up her desire to make friends.  Also, at the end, she shares the kudos immediately.


Unfortunately, Applejack was a bit of a disappointment.  Her language isn't an intrinsic part of her upbrining?  Part of her special tallent is coming up with colorful phrases?  Taking away her cutie mark not only stopped her from talking, but also made her self aware enough to label the country talk?  That popped me out of the story.


Uhhhh...need to end on a positive note:




#2 LostSanity


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Posted 05 April 2015 - 10:27 PM

That episode... was... interesting.

I LOVED it. Unique and it had a different way of resolving it. It wasn't really resolved either with the villain getting away. I'm sure this sets up for the season finale and the "Cutie Mark Magic" thing. Or that's what I'm assuming.

Either way, GREAT BEGINNING to the season and I can't wait to see more.

My worries were unfounded once again. At least for now.  :squee:

I enjoyed this beginning though.


#3 ZephyrBurst


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Posted 22 June 2015 - 05:17 AM

It was the most interesting of the adventure episodes for me, because it was less rooted in otherworldy things and more in philosophical ones. While they had Starlight Shimmer's power, that felt more like it was a necessity to tell the story in the 40 allotted minutes, and it's fine for the world it's in.


I too would have liked to know more about those characters in Starlight's town, but it's not a negative point considering the show isn't episodic and they don't have enough time to go into that.


Unfortunately, Applejack was a bit of a disappointment.  Her language isn't an intrinsic part of her upbringing?

That was the one odd bit for me too.

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