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The Trail We Blaze

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Posted 07 November 2015 - 01:32 AM

It had taken Blazing Legend a whole fortnight to collect enough interest and supplies in order to return to the frigid mountain tops of Equestria's untamed north in order to determine once and for all that the Crystal Empire had indeed returned.  From his own personal experience he did not doubt the fact for even a moment, but for others it had been quite the pill to swallow., and a cloud of doubt now rest upon his qualifications. So with even his reputation at stake, Blaze was overjoyed to have companions in order to bear witness to his discovery, even if that meant he had to lug around their dead weight the entire time. But it would be worth it, he just new that it had to be!


The heavy slam of his small Canterlot-based studio heralded the arrival of his travelling companions, or quite possibly a sponsor who's making a last minute decision to endorse the expedition. In either case it didn't matter to the burgundy stallion, for he still had plenty of articles to pack away into his bulking saddlebags, and Blaze simply couldn't be bothered to care about anything else at the moment.


"Hello?" a masculine voice calls out after a flutter of feathers make short work of any dampness left over from the early morning's showers. "I know you're in there Mr. Legend, and my employer's will not stand your tardiness in regards to their sponsorship any longer, so you better get out here right this instant!"


Blaze recognized the voice, it was that of an employee of a local crystal mining company who worked a desk job there when he wasn't delivering messages. It was obvious that this particular sponsor needed to be accommodated more urgently than his bags needed to be packed, so Mr. Legend left his bags in their rut, and left to speak with the suit wearing Pegasus. "I'll be right there."


The two begin talking about the specifics of the sponsorship, and for exactly what Blazing Legend was to be paid for. Though the terms didn't seem all that agreeable to Blazing, as an argument between the two soon broke out. Loud shouts about the environment, economics, and morality soon broke through the oaken gate that now separated Blazing from his beloved, and into the nearby streets to meet the ears of the companions who were beginning to make their way to the studio in order to embark on their trek through Equestria.

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