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Green Bean

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#1 Green Bean

Green Bean


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Posted 06 March 2016 - 11:27 PM

(a character sheet for the free for all forums)

Name:Green Bean


Age: 22







Personality: Green Bean is a hard working mare, and enjoys the feeling of a hard days work, However she is also playful, enjoying spending time with friends when she has the time, or just flying about. She is nervous around new ponies, often times stammering or acting awkward, but once she opens up she acts very outgoing around friends. Green Bean is also easily scared, often times finding herself flying away on the occasion she does run into danger. She also speaks rather casually, growing up in Canterlot she has no southern accents or anything of the like, but she also dislikes speaking in an uptight manner, generally speaking whatever is on her mind with little hesitation.


Special Talent: farming, or specifically growing crops and keeping them healthy, when Green Bean discovered her talent, she realized she had a gift to make plants perk up, occasionally bringing plants back from the Virge of death. However there is a limit to her power, she cant bring back plants that are fully dried up, or basically dead, and of course Green Bean needs supplies and a healthy environment, most plants dont grow off of nothing but love.


Background:Green Bean grew up in Canterlot. A beautiful city filled with luxury, a place where a filly like Green Bean was raised to be "perfect". Being born into a rich family,  3 brothers and 1 sister, it seemed like her parents had all the heirs they needed. But still she was born into a rich family, and it was expected that she would be the best, going to things like etiquette classes and ballet lessons.


Green Bean never took very well to any of it...But she wasn't totally unhappy either, she was more...Discontent, by age 12 all of her siblings had their cutie marks, and all she could do was fumble through. She did however have a friend, a bright blue mare named Beatrice. One day Beatrice and her family were going out of town and before they left she asked Green Bean to take care of her plants, declaring that "the servants never took proper care of them" though once Green Bean found the poor potted flowers hiding under Beatrice's bed, she assumed the servants weren't really the problem. Regardless Green Bean knew what to do, it was simple...Just some sunlight, some water, and a bit of attention, and in a few days Beatrice's flowers had bloomed, and Green Bean had her Cutie Mark, a seed starting to sprout and grow.


At first Green Bean was very excited..Knowing what she wanted to do..Taking care of those flowers had been some of the most fun she had ever had, and clearly she had a knack for it, but, after a bit of thought, she started to doubt herself more and more. After all of that training for high society, years being told her purpose was to become a business pony, or marry one. And now she knew that what she was talented at, what she wanted to do, would likely be considered as simply "playing in the dirt" by her parents. Green Bean felt fear taking hold, she avoided anypony else for the rest of the day, waiting until nighttime she got into her bedroom through her window, glad that she had forgot to lock it before she left. Grabbing a few personal items, mostly books, and her allowance. With a sigh she flew out the window with watery eyes.


Her destination, ponyville. It was a town she had heard of. A small place not that far from Canterlot, it apparently had farms and lots of open fields, often it was talked down about. But it sounded like the perfect place for Green Bean. On the road Green Bean was left with little but her thoughts as she trekked along, wondering if she was the coward, if this was the right thing to do. If she should confront her parents, even if they wouldn't understand. However no matter how much she felt a pull to go back. She felt a stronger pull to go forward, the country was calling her, already the air smelled so much cleaner, and she could feel the pleasant feeling of dirt under her hooves.


After awhile Green Bean arrived at ponyville, feeling a bit of fear start to go through her now that she was in a new town, a town without friends or family, or even anyone she knew, luckily a place to sleep was not a problem, she had read in other places it was common for Pegasi to sleep in the clouds. She found she preferred a normal bed, but she wasn't picky.


A new day dawned, and Green Bean decided that as nerve wracking as being in a new place was, she had to talk to someone. And she needed a job, she needed to find her calling out here, so she started flying around, looking for something resembling a farm, it didn't take too long. She found a nice older mare who was running a farm, Green Bean was nervous about asking about help, but the older mare announced a desire for company, and well...She was getting old, having some spry help would be great.


So for a few years Green Bean worked on this farm, getting a bit of pay, and some lodging, she also started taking on more of the burden, and by the time Green Bean was 20 the old mare had announced she was giving up farm work, she was too old and tired to do it anymore, and wanted to spend the rest of her years a bit closer to her son and gran kids in Phillydelphia. Upon her leaving he left the entire farm, and her house to Green Bean. Green Bean of course was overjoyed, excited to put in even more work into the farm, and making her house feel like her own home. It was a bit sad to see the old mare go, but she assured Green Bean it was for the best, and that if the farm life ever grew hard Green Bean should find her in Phillydelphia.

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Posted 28 March 2016 - 08:24 PM

How's this character coming along? please remember to add the [WiP] for Work in Progress characters, or [FINAL] for characters ready for processing.


Thanks! :blargh:

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