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Black powder [final]

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Posted 31 July 2017 - 03:36 AM

Role play area: LOE/FFA
Name: Black powder 
Sex: Female
Age: Young adult 
Species: Earth pony 
Eye Color: Light blue 
Fur Color: Smike gray 
Mane and Tail color: Midnight black 
Physique: Light frame semi muscular 
Residence: A Vardo(Think Trixie's cart home) , constantly on the move where ever work takes her. 
Occupation: Demolitionist and fireworks displays. 
Cutie Mark: Classic style bomb with the fuze lit. 
Always followed by the acrid scent of freshly burnt gunpowder, Kerosene and an ever so slight tinge of burnt hair. Where ever she works, the percussive thumps of massive explosions and the flash of incendiary devices roasting whatever is within their reach is sure to follow. Fire works to large explosives and the more exotic end of magical explosives if it goes boom, she can make it work. 
Her talent for all things that go boom was discovered while at the summer sun festival. While the other children were content with the small bangs and pops at this point the little fireworks weren't enough. She had always loved the holiday but now she needed more. She snuck off to the shed where all the gardening supplies were kept, a bag of fireworks and kitchen chemicals in tow. 
With in a few hours, it was done. Her first foray into pyrotechnics was complete. By this time it was the dead of night, her family was asleep as were the neighbors, but that wouldn't last too long. Hefting the tube that would act as the launcher and putting it in place she dropped her creation in, it slid down the tube and hit the bottom with a clunk. Her heart skipped a beat, and after a moment she mustered up the courage to lite the fuse.  It slowly ran down, softly hissing all the way. 
It was the dead of night, everyone was asleep. Was being the operative word. The defining Crump as the "firework" went screaming out of its launcher was as loud as anything that had been used during that day's festival. The fruits of her labor roared high into the sky and just like that, it was day. Or at least it looked like it, the explosion tearing was blinding in its beauty, a massive show in one shell. When the light faded and night returned every light in Canterlot was one once more. 
The guards eventually found where it came from. If the smoking and smoldering tube in the back yard were not evidence enough, the laughing little filly with a classic round bomb with a lit fuse as her brand new cutie mark told them all they needed to know. As she grew older she eventually got a job in demolitions and put her talents to a more legal use. 

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