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King Iron Hoof

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#1 Asbel Lhant

Asbel Lhant


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Posted 07 August 2017 - 09:43 AM

Roleplay Area: FFA
Name: King Iron Hoof
Sex: Male
Age: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color(s): Dark Gray
Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style: Light Gray
Physique: Peak Earth Pony though he is a Unicorn.
Cutie Mark: A crowned skull with crossed bones
Residence: The Jewel Kingdom
Occupation: Ruler of The Jewel Kingdom
Personality: Tyrannous, Ruthless, Merciless, Heartless, Sadistic, Coldblooded.
History:  King Iron Hoof is the wicked tyrant father of Prince Bloodyrose and the husband of Queen Black Rose. He has an insatiable appetite for war, battle, carnage and genocide. He thirsts for war constantly and eliminates all who oppose him with absolutely no mercy or compassion. Young and Old, Male and Female. All were disposed of equally in his conquests. He ruled The Jewel Kingdom with Queen Black Rose under his tyrannous reign for years. Iron Hoof wages war on many different kingdoms in order to conquer Equestria one kingdom at a time. During his conquests he obtains great wealth, fame and power and makes numerous efforts to sow the seeds of war across Equestria. Before becoming king, he was a great warrior who was able to almost single-handedly grant victory to his kingdom without the use of an army at his side. His rise to position of king was considered highly unlikely, because a long list of other relatives stood ahead of him in line for the throne. Although it is publicly believed that a major illness led to the deaths of his parents and other relatives, In reality, He himself actually killed them all in coldblood because he coveted the crown. The time eventually came when he would declare war on Canterlot for his greatest conquest of all time in which he would plan to take Princess Celestia's head and her throne. A massive war was waged between Celestia's Solar Guard and King Iron Hoof's forces. Led by The White Knight Burning Valor, King Iron Hoof was ultimately defeated and lost the war, and his life to The White Knight Burning Valor of The Solar Guard. It was then his wife Queen Black Rose and his son Prince Bloodyrose disbanded and went to rule a kingdom of their own plotting revenge against The White Knight Burning Valor for years to come. Residing over The Flower Kingdom was Queen Black Rose and residing over The Rose Kingdom was Prince Bloodyrose.


Alignment: Evil Horns.png


Powerful Swordsman: King Iron Hoof had great skill with a blade. And his enormous physical strength allowed him to cleave through several ponies at once with a single blow of his mighty sword. He is capable of defeating even Alicorns in battle.

Super Strength: Though he is a Unicorn Iron Hoof is physically stronger than any Earth Pony in all of Equestria and relies solely on his own strength to win fights in place of magic.


A cursed sword: King Iron Hoof wields a powerful and cursed sword forged of Dark Magic and all the vile forces of darkness and evil known as Gulgarant. It is said that the blade itself contains a reservoir of Tartarus Flames inside it's core.

Cursed Armor: King Iron Hoof wears a suit of Cursed Dark Magic Imbued Armor. Only other enchanted weapons can even so much as scratch it. His armor also makes him immune to magic as well as telekinesis making him a very formidable opponent to deal with.


Enchanted Weapons: Magical/Enchanted weapons can penetrate King Iron Hoof's armor and cause him damage.

Divine Beings: Deities such as gods, goddesses and Alicorns etc. are capable of harming King Iron Hoof despite his enchanted equipment. He can be hurt and subdued by any object or form of magic wielded by deities.

Magical/Enchanted/Legendary/Divine Weapons: King Iron Hoof's armor can be penetrated by weapons forged using divine energy or essence such as Burning Valor's Sword Sieglicht.

Ice Magic/Ice Dragon Breath: King Iron Hoof's armor does not protect him against Ice Magic or the cold breath of an ice dragon and he can be frozen by it.

#2 Shadowrunner Darkfire

Shadowrunner Darkfire

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Posted 07 August 2017 - 12:14 PM

Full background, tats a pretty big plus. 

#3 Asbel Lhant

Asbel Lhant


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Posted 27 September 2017 - 04:23 AM

Thanks. He's quite the villain too. Now I'll just wait for EquestrianScholar.

#4 knight


    The QUEEN

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Posted 06 November 2017 - 02:59 AM

:scold: Approved for FFA use. :hehe:

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