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#1 Asbel Lhant

Asbel Lhant


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Posted 01 May 2019 - 05:24 AM

Roleplay Area: FFA
Name: Lethality
Sex: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color(s): Fair
Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style: Red
Physique: Curvy and Athletic.
Cutie Mark: Two crossed bloody daggers representing her talent as an assassin
Residence: Unknown
Occupation: Assassin
Personality: Lethality is a ruthless, heartless, remorseless, and coldblooded assassin. She will kill any targets for the right price. fillies, foals, colts, mares and stallions. By any means she wishes to choose their death. She even accepts what ways the contract wants their death for a little extra coin, or if it's an offer she can't refuse. She is very emotionless and hard to read, this is one of her best attributes besides putting a knife into somepony's back coated in poison. Lethality sometimes brings hirelings to a fight, this isn't cowardly in her eyes, but tactics. When she realizes when she is beat, she backs out of the fight to fight another day. If somepony makes her angry she'll make a point in killing them either right there and now or when they're going home. She also has a very treacherous and manipulative nature.

History: Lethality has had a life of nothing but violence, bloodshed and death. Growing up in The Bloody Dagger Assassin Guild since she was a young Filly, never having a real childhood to become one of the best Assassins in all of Equestria. As growing up is concerned, Lethality kept her training up as her master stayed on top of her and harsh enough to endure the pain. Lethality doesn't see her Mother and Father knowing that it is the way of the Assassins guild. As life moves on, Lethality learned everything from her master. Having no need to attend the local schooling as she is taught everything from her master. As this phase of her life is going she starts learning the use of Daggers, Bracer Daggers, Swords, Bows and poison darts etc. anything she can use to kill an opponent with. As years progress, her master starts sending her on low level threat contracts to give her real experience instead of practicing with animals. She would soon come to the point that the thrill of killing never felt so good to her, seeing the blood all over her hooves. She would giggle enjoying the adrenaline rushing through her body. As it continued she starts to laugh in a maddening sense becoming addicted to murder. She stops if she notices a witness in the area. And quickly pulls out her hoof-held Crossbow and kills the witness without any mercy or compassion. She does what she has been taught, pulling a small bottle out and pours the contents onto the dead corpse. She then pushes the witness over beside the target as the contents from the bottle slowly starts to eat the evidence of the two victims. Doing everything she has learned from her Master. Never stopping until she has finished her contract once payment has been received.



Alignment: Evil Horns.png


Stealth/Espionage Expert:
Lethality is extremely skilled at stealth and is almost impossible to detect. Her mastery of stealth allows her to sneak into even the most heavily secured of facilities without being caught on camera or setting off alarms or traps and effortlessly sneak up on and kill a pony who is off guard.

Elite Swordsman: Lethality is very skilled with a blade enough to even rival Crimson Katana.

Super Speed: Lethality is very fast. Not even the Wonderbolts can match her speed.

Feminine Charms: Lethality's beauty allows her to charm and manipulate the opposite gender into doing her bidding with ease.


A Katana: Lethality wields a Katana Sword as her weapon of choice for close combat.

A crossbow: Lethality carries a crossbow with her to snipe her victims from a distance when she needs to.

Daggers: Lethality carries a pouch full of daggers for self-defense and assassination purposes.

Bracers: Lethality wears Bracer gloves and boots that contain concealed daggers within them.



Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: Pegasus

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