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Ponyfinder: D&D 5e

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Posted 04 February 2020 - 10:15 PM


#2 Felyon


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Posted 16 February 2020 - 01:10 PM

Session 1


It was a bright stormy night in the quaint little village of Brightdale. Bright indeed it was, for a rare magical weather phenomenon called Neon Storm was happening. Coloured and glowing rain was falling all night, leaving the city looking beautiful and magical, and there were still puddles of it left in the morning when the mayor, Glitterhooves, called out that there were thieves in the village! Gold but mostly jewels were missing from several houses. Local guardspony Warm Truth (Fighter lv 1), got on the case, accompanied by the temporary sheriff of Brightdale, Solar Arrow (Paladin lv 1), whose majestic use of the Royal Canterlot Voice inspired great confidence into the populace. Shadowing them was Topaz (Rogue lv 1), mingling in with the herd of onlookers, eager to follow the officials on the hunt for the crooks. Topaz was not merely an onlooker but honestly did want to catch the culprits, for they drew way too much attention and made it harder for him to "work". 


The guards found that each scene of the crime had but a small entrance, and if there was none, one was dug straight into the house. The holes were only big enough for something the size of a rat, and that gave Solar an idea; she would set a trap and catch it. An employee of the library, Petal Dancer (Monk lv 1) alerted the guards that the largest gem left in town would be the local fortune teller's crystal ball, and thus there the trap would be set. The fortune teller, Tome Schooled, lived in the library with her father Myo Tome, and her mother Good Book, and they gladly lent their aid. 


The trap was a success, and the culprit turned out to be a just-born and very hungry baby dragon. Unsure if babies could even be charged with crimes, the ponies have to figure out how to care for the baby and how to ease over the village. 



Current Quests: 


-Find a book on How To Tame Your Dragon

-Find a way to pay for what the dragon ate

-Find out where the dragon comes from


The librarian says he does not know anything about this species other than that it seems to be a girl "luster dragon", but there is a book that could tell them: the local brewery was built on a wizard tower, and the cellar still holds his books. The owner never allowed the librarian to enter however, since the traps are still active. 


For food, the local mountains hold gems, and there is a magical fruit that could also sustain the dragon. About the dragon's origins? Perhaps the book can say but the ponies might also wish to ask around. 

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