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Nightmare Night

Nightmare Night has Arrived!

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#1 Fawkes



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Posted 21 October 2013 - 01:15 PM



Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand!~


My dear fillies and colts, at last the pale moon has risen high into the Fall sky! A piercing chill covers the land, vainly countered by the lighting of many a roaring bonfire and every house, ally, and square across Equestria is bedecked with clusters of spider webs and witches brews, as the faint echoes of what sound like timberwolf howls carry on the nighttime breezes. Every home is stocked to the gills with a plethora of sweet candy treats and the mischievous spirits of the night have their bags of tricks packed to the brim... all in the hope of surviving the reign of Nightmare Moon with flank ungobbled!


Nightmare Night has begun!~


To celebrate the nightmarish season, we at Whitetail Woods have prepared a couple of fun little events and activities for the denizens of our little forest!


Nightmare Night Roleplay Event!


Team up with a group of fellow ponies to dare to brave the haunted house or try your hoof at making some ghoulish arts and crafts! Partake in some apple bobbing and spider chucking or meet somepony special beneath the safely of the gazebo! Or just throw your costume on and try to bring in the most legendary candy haul ever witnessed in Equestria! Whatever your speed and taste, you can finding something frightfully fun to do in this year's Nightmare Night roleplay!


Roleplay will run from October 21st - November 17th! Click here to be taken to the NMN Roleplay Event Forum!


Nightmare Night Art Contest!


For our artistically inclined members, we have three different categories of art contest for you to try your hoof at! As a prize, we have a shiny, new site Award for the winner of each category, as well as potentially a couple other sweet surprises! Click here to be taken to the NMN Art Contest Thread!


Nightmare Night Writing Contest!


For the writers amoungst us, we have a Halloween themed writing contest to get your coats tingling and your hooves running! As a prize, we also have a shiny, new site Award for the winner of each category, as well as potentially a couple other sweet surprises! Click here to be taken to the NMN Writing Contest Thread!


Foal OC Bio Fast Track!


Wanna have fun trick-or-treating but don't have an approved foal OC on the board yet? Well that's alright! In the spirit of the season, we'll be giving priority review to any bios on foal-aged characters, so they can be passed and accepted as fast as possible!


knight's Fantastical Pony OC Raffles!


Want to app a new character but are discouraged by lack of a physical representation of him or her? Just looking for an interesting new pony to write a backstory and personality onto? Check out knight's pony raffles and enter for a chance to win a new beautifully drawn OC! Click here to be taken to knight's pony raffle!



As well, a couple of sugary, sweet new site Awards have been made up just for the occasion (current picture is only a placeholder)!


Halloween_zps9499743e.png - Award for Participation in the Nightmare Night 2013 Event!

Halloween_zps9499743e.png - Award for the Best Roleplay of the Season, as Judged by Staff!

Halloween_zps9499743e.png - Awards for the Winner of Each of the NMN Art Contests!

Halloween_zps9499743e.png - Award for the Winner of the Writing Contest!



Nightmare Night will run from October 21st - November 17th!


And lastly, make sure to check back on this page from time to time over the next couple of weeks! We're sure to add a couple more sweet treats and sinister tricks before the holiday is done and over!


And with that, happy Nightmare Night and good luck, everypony!~

#2 LostSanity


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Posted 21 October 2013 - 09:46 PM

*fights all night*



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