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Prince Morningstar

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need a commisson

02 September 2017 - 11:43 AM

I need a commission just for me for the low low price of free, me and my girl just broke up and shes attempting to take away all the art she has given me so  i need some art to remind myself of me and her during our time to gether.


my ex's oc is a wolf pony and my oc is a alicorn here is the description


Carey is basically has a dull coloring existing primely of black coat and his mane and tail are gray here is a picture to go off of.





I don't want this to be simulare i want it absulty differnt.


I want the picture to be of her and me however when we first meet in the everfree forest in the clearing.also if you can please don't include the heart thanks just fill up the background with nature tress and such things like that however i do want a kissing picture so if its possible just show us cuddling and kissing and put above the picture saying i'll always remember the first time we meet.

My mythos on the beginning and the end of the world

22 August 2017 - 02:55 PM

disclaimer: this is just a story which i am not claiming to fact or real but i was inspired by the telling of meany religions so i adapted some but not all into my story.





In the beginning there was chaos and chaos was without form and the earth was covered with fire and the fire created an race of beings known as the Jin and the Jin where the servants of chaos. However there arose in the midst of time and space an giant Moth and upon the moth rode two beings known as order and justice and these where the first children of God.

As the moth flown over the world and as his wings batted the flames started to die down and as the flames died down the Jin prayed to Chaos however Chaos didn't answer their prayer and so the Jin died off because their was no essence of fire in the world. However the world was now an barren wasteland and soon the moth rested on solid land, Order and justice got off and examined the state of the world and they wept.

As they wept their tears formed the waters and brought forth life, however Chaos was not happy so in retaliation he brought forth an race of snake humanoids so he can kill the two beings for destroying his chaotic world. However two of the snake humanoids got close to the waters and they could see how monstrous and ugly they where so they wept wishing that their creator had made them slightly more appealing, They prayed to chaos asking to look more appealing but chaos didn't head their prayer. However Justice and Order heard their prayer and granted it from the viper they formed the first man however the foot and the back couldn't become more smoothed due to the resent scales but the front was smoothed as well as the face and they eyes where normal and man soon formed hair but due to his resent nature which can't be changed man always has a small habit of lying, from the other snake the beings brought forth woman who unlike the man was smoothed all round and she also had grown hair.

Chaos had witness all that had token place so he ordered his renaming snake humanoids to attack, not wanting their creation to be ruined the two beings Order and Justice transformed the snake humanoids into the first reptiles and from them came the first dinosaurs who will only later be wiped out by chaos.

The two beings had named man Elji and the woman Emi, however the world was not yet full of life yet so the two beings asked God for the power of creation and God commanded Order and Justice to take the flame of dead jin and infuse themselves and they shall have the power of creation. However he told them if they shall do this they must be separate from the world has he is because the world will catch fire again.

They agreed and as they each got the flame they went into space fair from the world below and infused themselves and soon they became one person sense the fire infused them together into one body and they weren't ugly because they where still children of God and he called his new creation Pacifica.

She was endowed and empowered with the power of creation so she brought forth the creatures of the land,fields,sky,forest and sea. Pacifica told her woman and man that they have authority of all of the earth and all that dwelt on it, however she went onto create islands and also more humans and for eons it was perfect.

However Chaos began to corrupt humankind with greed,power and envy and soon they began to take whatever pacifica had done for them for granted and so Pacifica gave power over the earth temporarily to Chaos and she left the world to teach her children a lesson. So God called this corruption sin however Pacifica pleaded with him to give her children a chance to learn the error of their ways and God allowed it.

Soon the world began to fall into its own stupor of false morality and polices ran by Chaos and the people became oppressed but they still won't see the error of their ways because of pride and God was displeased, so he told Pacifica he was going to destroy humankind but Pacifica pleaded and asked God if she could find one pure man and woman who can be placed on a pure island free of the corruption so God allowed it however Pacifica asked again and told God if she could also save the animals and have Chaos impassioned so God said he would allow it if Pacifica promised to never again interfered with his wrath so Pacifica agreed.

In all of the world Pacifica only found one man named Daisuke and his wife name was Kamiko and Pacifica told them that God was going to destroy everything and she was here to save him and his wife then place them on a pure island free of the corruption as well as the animals. So she took them all to the island and she also took some of the animals to the island. However she wasn't done she captured Chaos and impression him in a bottle and she thrown this bottle deep into the sea.

So God unleashed his wrath unto the world and it was so great and terrible that it made his heart ache and so after he destroyed the corruption out of grief he told Pacifica to begin again to fill the world full of life and wonder, she did so. However in the far corners of the world the mane and the woman called their home serpentine in honor of the memory when Pacifica turned the snake humanoids into humankind.

And for now Pacifiica stayed quiet and stepped aside to watch her children from afar and to watch history begin anew.



where the Tale ends and history begins.

The tale was passed around from father to son,to mother and child and soon the all forgotten about Pacifica and what she had done for them but some chose to keep remembering to honor her memory and loving heart. Generations came and Generations went but when all seemed to have forgotten the tale of creation and the price of rebellion, on the isle of Serpitine natives honor there Goddess with dances and celebrations.




Just as it where when the first corruption entered into mankinds hearts this to shall be the case when mankind starts chasing after false ideology,false practices and false doctrines based upon hatred and lies. So Mankind shall say to Pacifica I don't need you I have everything i need by my sweat and done by my works, so Pacifica shall let lose chaos from his prison but only for a time for her subjects to see the error of their ways.

In these days shall be so chaotic Chaos shall excat his revenge of mankind by bringing forth a race of creatures known as Kaiju and the Kaiju shall be the servants of Chaos, for a time they shall make war with mankind and mandkind shall pray to Pacifica saying."Save us almighty Pacifica save us from our own stupidity." however Pacifica shall not answer them and yet meany will come in the name of pacifica only to bring forth chaos and discord. Yet mankind shall cling to these false prophets however there shall be one false prophet that shall vanquish the Kaiju saying."I am Pacifica for there is non like me."

The false prophet shall be the son of chaos in the flesh and he shall deceive meany with his false doctrine of hatred and malice, however he shall then rise out of the seas for chaos was without form shall take form to exact his full control over mankind.

Chaos shall take an new name known as cthulhu and he shall be worshiped by the order of the false prophet saying that he was the form of God, and finally Pacifica for who was silent for years let chaos run ramped shall return to her creation to finally destroy chaos forever.

She shall appear as an warrior maiden in the sky holding a laturn in one hand and in the other a sword and out of her mouth shall come this."I am the mother who never stopped loving her children,but my children have gone astray and forgotten my love. I was forced to punish them and in my anger i have released evil upon them

so that he may have rign for a time, but now begins a new era of light of peace. This is to show you that I pacifica and God loves you."

Pacifica shall wage war with chaos and win, the earth shall then instantly take on new life but only those that have remained faithful to pacifica and done her will may stay. The emperor and all those in his employ small and great shall receive an place of ultimed honor then they shall rest and know Pacificas peace.

Ivan Salazar [wip]

15 August 2017 - 10:21 PM

Role play area: Mane 

Name: Ivan Salazar 


Age: Stallion 

Race: Unicorn 

Eye color : Ice blue

Skin color: Ocean blue 

Maine/tail colors/ Styles: Ivan's maine is braided into a ponytail as well as his tail, his color for both are light brown. 

Physique: Ivan has an average body type resembling that of a full grown stallion.

Cutiemark: After Ivan had took over his fathers duty as leader he then got his cutiemark which is a broaded flag one side blue the other black and in the middle is a sliver snake.

Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: Dictator 

Personality: Ivan may come of friendly and generally charismatic however all of this is ruse in order to get close to ponies so he can push his own agendas as well as achieve his own goals.

 History:Ivan took over after his father stepped down,once in power Ivan exiled his own mother and father from his lands sense then Ivan has been rebuilding his nations military might while trampling the rights of his fellow ponies however all of this came to a end after he was outsted by the saddle Arabian's and he was forced to flee to Equestria where he hopes to start over. 


Ello Ello how low.

15 August 2017 - 06:57 AM

Excuse the song reference iam prince Carey ie Morningstar please call me Carey as i think its a tad more og,anyway onwards to what makes me tic. 


Iam a loyalist meaning I am loyal to the crown this mostly due to my grandmother who got me hooked on tea and coffee.


My favorite things to do write stories, poems and songs.


Things i do in my spare time watch tv,read books,play on steam ,play on my ps4 and ps3. 


Favorite pony i guise diemond why you my ask? redemption 


Favorite foods: Chinese,Italian and Mexican.


Favorite books: Night,dantes inferno,to kill a mockingbird and harry potter 1-7

Movies: Harry potter 1-7