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Hurricane [FINAL]

07 May 2013 - 10:06 PM

Roleplay Area: Land of Equestria
Name: Hurricane
Sex: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Eye Color: Rose Quartz. Hex Code #AA98A9

Skin Color(s): Cinereous. Hex code #98817B

Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style:
Mane: Black, with a streak of Ash Grey (Hex code: #B2BEB5). Straight mane with a slight curve to it, allowing her to have a sweeping fringe that covers her left eye.
Tail: Pure black, and, again, straight, but with a gentle curve to it.
Wings: Also Ash Grey, and of much larger than average size

Thanks to her large wings, she has a strong body, and can fly with great control. What she lacks in speed she more than makes up for in airborne maneuverability, even if this does mean that she can't run as fast as most ponies on the ground, either. She is taller than most ponies too, for example, she would be able to look down into the eyes of a regular pony, but she is still just shorter than the Royal Princesses.

Cutie Mark:
The eye of a storm. A swirl of light, cloudy colour, edged with darker tones, and with a dark point in the centre. The image of a hurricane, when seen from above, essentially.

Residence: Wanders
Occupation: Former storm forger, currently unemployed and freelancing weather control
Hurricane is a strong, self motivated, determined pony, who, thanks to a slight oversight some time ago, is broody, angry, and downright furious with ponykind. She has an overwhelming hatred for Princess Celestia, and in fact, anyone in a position of authority in general. Whilst regular ponies she will get on with just fine, given time to adjust from her usual aggressive thinking, she cannot stand anyone who tells her what to do.


    Hurricane has had abnormally large wings since she was young. Both her parents were Pegusi, and thanks to a rare genetic abnormality, it lead to her getting double the amount of wing growth. As a filly, it made it very hard for her to fly until she had strengthened herself up, which earned her a lot of ridicule from those around her, which was probably the driving force behind her forcing herself to get strong enough to fly. This in turn was to become a boon to her, during one particularly violent storm, one that had been generated by a mistake on the part of the Weather Pegasi. She found herself taken up into the air by the strong winds, but thanks to her significant wingspan and her strength, she was able to keep herself aloft where any other pegasus might have been blown asunder.
    During the storm, she found herself enjoying the powerful winds more and more, loving how the strong breezes felt wrapping around her wings and whipping her mane and tail. She earned her cutie mark that night, as a result of the storm creating a yearning to feel winds more powerful than even that. After applying herself to the study of weather, she graduated, and immediately applied to the weather ponies of Canterlot, where she was accepted with some enthusiasm.
    However, all did not go well. Her adoration for high winds and devastating storms made her rather unpopular with the citizens of canterlot, adding a gale force breeze to a summers day will do that to your popularity. After several ignored warnings about her behaviour, she decided to show the city what a real storm could be, beautiful and evocative, without it being dangerous. Her storm was magnificent to behold, setting the sun against a backdrop of purple, black and grey clouds, taking leaves from the trees and swirling them in beautiful patterns, with a blanket of rain to provide an atmosphere of calm.
     Unfortunately for her, the rain also had an unseen side effect of flooding out the Royal Mint, and the trees the leaves came from were from Celestia's private garden. The guards of Canterlot arrested her for attempted robbery and wanton destruction of public property, and the then captain of the guard sentenced her to a rare punishment; crystal confinement. She would be placed beneath the castle for a short period of time, to contemplate her deeds. Hurricane was lead to believe that Celestia herself had mandated her punishment, and she was taken deep, far from the winds that she loved, her wings chained to prevent her from using them to escape.
    That was when her tale took a twist for the worse. Unfortunately for the pegasus, her wings had some hitherto unknown side effects, a higher susceptability than usual to outside magical influences. The magical energies within the crystals beneath the crown castle, though weak, began to warp her mind, began to warp her perceptions on time and space. While she was in the caves for barely a week, to the mare, many years had passed. Upon her release, she ranted and raved about being 'left alone to die', and cussed down her imprisoners, flying off once her chains were loose enough, laying spite upon those that incarcerated her.
    Now, she is free, and ready to bring the thunder. And lightning. And storm grade winds, and dark clouds, and everything she has missed those passed 'years'. All she needs is one really good cloud...