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#16929 RWBY. Watch it or I will ban each and every one of you, starting with me.

Posted by Dessa on 13 December 2013 - 08:19 AM

I started watching RWBY as soon as I could. Which was when the 1st season was almost over thanks to Rooster Teeth site not working on PS3 browser :crazy:  That aside I finally got my comp working and marathon-ed through the series. I think it has a lot of potential, right now the voice work is good but a bit odd at times. I really enjoy the animation used. The story is pretty good and not at all what I was expecting from the trailers. Which I am happy about! I think that the whole trainee monster hunters thing is pretty cool and has a lot of ways to go.



This ship is bad and you should feel bad.  Bumblebee is clearly the best Blake ship.

#16893 RWBY. Watch it or I will ban each and every one of you, starting with me.

Posted by Dessa on 11 December 2013 - 04:38 AM

i was intrigued by the trailer until the monsters and weapons came out.

FWIW, the show itself has fights, but it is not like wall to wall fights.  It's still like 90% story

#16851 RWBY. Watch it or I will ban each and every one of you, starting with me.

Posted by Dessa on 10 December 2013 - 10:35 AM

It's a web animation that looks like video games.  But it's more like an anime.  It's got all kinda cool weapons and fights and stuff, and is like all futuristic with monsters.  For some people mentioning the creator Monty Oum means something.  Well, he made this.  And I guess did work on Red Vs. Blue, which I don't like.  But I like this a lot.

Also too, it's funny and got interesting characters, and one of the big themes is friendship.  I know nobody likes to hear about friendship, because you're bronies, and bronies aren't about all that, but hey, everybody needs somebody sometimes.

Here are things you can click that show you things that might make you want to watch it more:

RWBY Trailer: Red

See?  That was pretty cool, wasn't it.

There's like 4 trailers, and they're all pretty great, and none of them spoil the show, so watch those if you just want moar fights.
But if I sold you, or if I haven't, here's the first episode:

Here's the whole playlist: http://www.youtube.c...ZYlD9MHjvmT8IGK
Yeah, I liked that a whole lot.  But if you thought it was kinda crappy lookin, well, y'know, first episodes and all.  It gets better.


(I just banned Davr0th, just so you guys know i mean business.  Proof: http://whitetail-woo...er/668-davr0th/)

#16691 S4-E03 Discussion: Castle Mane-ia

Posted by Dessa on 05 December 2013 - 09:43 AM

I appreciate many of those points, but I only skimmed the rewrite, since I feel you missed the point.


I disagree that the primary point of the episode was to introduce a location and develop the overall plot.  The point was to provide a delightfully silly and complex series of interconnected stories about these characters.  And here it succeeds.  There are other secondary purposes, but as you have shown, not much care was given to them.  It would have been nice to have more depth, but that wasn't the focus here.  A TON happened, so there wasn't much time to dwell on a scene.  As long as we get depth in other episodes, you won't see me disappointed in ones like this.


But here's the primary issue:

It seems you are dissatisfied with the show in general, and Castle Maneia was the straw that broke the camels back.  

Isn't it harsh to put 40 episodes worth of frustration onto this one?   

Which of the characters were more one-dimensional than normal (Lesson Zero onward) in this episode?

Probably just Rainbow and Applejack?  The others were at about the center of their established bell curves.

Granted, the current bell curves aren't as good as they should be.


Or do you feel that this episode is severely worse than most of the last 40 episodes? 

Aw, you're killin' me man.  That's a world-famous Dessa rewrite.  World-famous.  You don't know what you're missing.

It's not the straw that broke the camel's back.  Not at all.  I liked season 3 better than season 2, in fact, and season 4 is too young to judge properly.  I dislike this episode because it's a particularly egregious example.

The thing is, there have always been light episodes.  But the good ones tell good stories, and this episode doesn't have any stories to tell.  Most of it is a non-sequituer, and the characters are overextended.  Who specifically is flanderized?  Pinkie Pie, who, if ypou read my positively brilliant rewrite, you might recall hasn't always been Harley Quinn on speed.  Like seriously, she SCREAMS every line.  Every line!  All of her jokes are non sequiturs.  Now, Pinkie's always had those, but this time around, she's just a big non-sequitur machine!  Say something random!  It's not terribly funny, IMO.  Pinkie hasn't been good since season 2, sadly, and I am afraid she's broken forever.  I hope I'm wrong.  If there's any place where the straw has indeed broken the camel's back, this is it.  Andrea Libman needs to take some Dramamine and chill.

Dash and AJ don't show any individuality.  They just go through the motions that this cut-and-paste plot requires of them.  Rarity?  Well, at least they had the sense to lampshade yet another "this is the most important thing in the world" moment (another flaw this episode shares with Lesson Zero -- Rarity drama can be funny toned down or up, and it makes the high-drama moments funnier if she's sometimes played straight).  Fluttershy was at maximum fluttershy too, which is something she's been doing since Dragonshy, but she's the 5th pony this episode CRANKED TO FULL VOLUME.  I like jokes, but this ep was hammy as all get out.  It tried too blasted hard.

I will credit the animation team for a fantastic job though.  There's a sequence wehre flutershy is backing up while turning around that's so perfect I could die.

#16685 S4-E03 Discussion: Castle Mane-ia

Posted by Dessa on 05 December 2013 - 03:18 AM

These are several of the reasons that it would be terrible if this were the status quo.

But I can give them grace for a few fun episodes if they deliver the laughs.  

I hated scooby doo as a kid, so I only watched a handful of episodes before giving up on it.  Why did you watch so many if you didn't like it?  In any case, this didn't bring that show to mind so did not suffer by that association.  

Are you stating this about this episode or overall?  

I have two more groups to watch the ep with, so I will pay attention to this on the second and third viewing.  


A cute and silly episode with tons of gags, a new setting, advancement of this season's overarching plot, teasers for the pony of shadows, teaser for the diary thing, and angel bunny antics.

It's flanderizing overall, and has been doing so since the start of season 2.  I'd say as early as Lesson Zero, Twilight went from being organized and slightly neurotic to bats-in-the-belfry crazy.  Pinkie Pie used to be capable of a dry joke delivery, now she's dancing or screaming every time she's on camera.  She used to be my favorite pony, but I kinda hater her now.  She's too much, too often, and this episode was a good example of that.

The reason this episode failed, I think, is because it didn't have any central conflict, theme, or question.  The point of the episode was to introduce to a new location and develop that overarching plot.  Let's look at these separately.

We got to really see the inside of the old castle for the first time, and what have we learned about it?  Well, it's Celestia and Luna's old place, and it has a lot of traps and such.  There's an organ, and a hall of hooves, and a hall of armor and a main hall.  What purposes did these rooms serve?  We get a hint about the organ and the trapdoor in the main hall via Twilight's readings.  The trapdoor is a slide Luna used to enjoy... So it was recreational then?  If so, why is it operated via remote floor switch?  Why does it end in what looks like a trap room?  The organ is an "organ to the outside."  What the heck does that even mean?  I mean, this was the central device in the castle, but it wasn't really explained.  Remember, the whole point of this episode was exploration.  This organ remotely operates traps in locations the organist can't even see, making it incredibly risky as a musical instrument, and rather useless for security.  It was a gag.  It was put there simply to be funny, and for no other reason.  Now, jokes are fine and good, but this was a plot episode, and this was the organ origin of the entire conflict, to the extent that there was any real conflict.  The whole time, all of this was about an organ that serves no apparent practical purpose.

Okay, so what about the plot?  We learned a few things.  First, there's a shadow pony.  That took about 2 seconds at the very end to establish, and that's all we got to know about that.  A few seconds of exposition by AJ too, perhaps.  That's fine, because it's building up to something.  It's a teaser, and teasers can be fun.  The other bit of plat is that this was supposed to prvoide hints about the keys to open the Mysterious Box (another teaser).  Did it?  No.  For a plot-developing episode, very little plot actually developed.

This episode was about the castle, about which we learned very little of worth that we already didn't know.  We got to see the castle behave, but it was never given much of a purpose.  It was just an extended gag.

This could have been done so much better!  I think it's time for a Dessa Rewrite.

Opening scene (pre-opening sequence)
Rainbow and AJ are staring at eachother with the bees.  immediately, we're engaged because what the heck is even going on?  That whole sequence plays through, though perhaps, because nothing is happening, Pinkie is bored, because Pinkie gets bored when nothing is happening for hours.  She isn't a constant spaz, but she explains to the beekeper what's going on anyway.  heck, Pinkie could be interested for the sake of gag/exposition, but maybe more of a golf-whisper interested with comically overdone focus.  But I'm getting off the point here.  This scene sets up the episode's B-Plot, which is a great thing to do in the bumper because the B-plot is just there to provite breaks for the A, and comic relief.

Opening credits, then we cut to Twilight and spike talking about going to this old castle.  We're in the episode now, and we're ready to deal with the serious plot.  This scene sets up the premise:  They're going to this castle to find out about this key, uncover history, see a library.  So far, the conflict hasn't been set yet.

Act 1: Establishing conflict, setting, character.

Twilight decides to set out to Everfree, but this forest is dangerous, we've been told, and Twilight wants some travelling companions to keep guard in case things go sour.  Who better to take than the two most daring ponies in Ponyville? You could even have a short gag sequence where Twilight asks for Dash's help, because Dash is most daring pony, and Dash hesitates because scary castle, but then AJ eggs her on by volunteering because she is most daring.  That intensifies their conflict, as well as their fear, and gives oomph to their conflicts (with each-other, and with their own senses of fear).  It shows what they have in common, and foreshadows how they will overcome this conflict in the end (by relying on eachother when they're scared -- twilight can deliver this Aesop when it comes because that's what she did in the first place -- BAM, FRIENDSHIP LESSON.  CENTRAL THEME + 1).  This whole sequence is there to connect the B-Plot with the A-Plot so that things don't feel too disjointed (a problem with the actual episode).

Fluttershy and Rarity aren't in this episode.  We have enough to tell the A-plot (scary castle hides secrets!) and we have a B-plot for changeup and comedy relief.  Why would Fluttershy agree to go to a scary castle alone with Rarity (who is not particularly conscientious or tough), and why would she bring Angel Bunny along, who she worries about?  She wouldn't.  She's tell rarity to bring AJ, Dash, or Twilight, because they're the arsekickers of the band.  Snip snip!  Now we have more time to tell the main story.

Our band arrive at the castle.  Lightning!  Spiders!  Scary!  Central conflict established:  This castle does not want you to know its secrets. 

Commercial break.
Act 2:  Rising Conflict
The ponies enter the castle.  Here be a gag sequence with AJ and Dash, both trying to look tough (escalation).  Jokes, gags, hilarity go here.  Twilight reminds them of the task at hand and they press forward and discover the Library.  perhaps via some secret switch accident (this castle isn't only scary, but it has traps!  (Escalation).  Anyhow, they find the library, and Twilight sets out to find this book and triggers another trap, which sends AJ and Dash into a pit.  Now they're really scared.  Twilight doesn't notice because OMG BOOKS.  Spike notices, and there's a whole gag about him trying to get her to notice, but she won't listen, and in the end, she finds the maguffin:  The sisters' diary (big escalation).  Spike sticks close to her because he is scared.  Twilight would be scared if she was paying attention, but she isn't. 

We cut to see AJ and Dash trying to figure the way out of this.  They're scared, but still acting tough.  Dash tries to intentionally scare AJ  by pulling devious tricks, AJ's retaliations are more direct.  She tells her ghost story about the evil shadow pony that lurks (OoOoOoOoOooo...), just to scare Dash, but then something happens.  Probably Pinkie related, that makes AJ wonder if that old story was true.  Now the castle has traps, and is inhabited by a malevolent force (escalation).

This is where you have flex time.  If you need to fill minutes, you cut back and forth a bunch between the two developing scenes.  For every cool bit of exposition Twilight delivers, you get B-Plot to intensify the conflict (the castle is dangerous).  You might even have Twilight in constant danger as Spike valiantly averts disaster.  This would provide visual interest to get us through Twilight's expositiony bits.  "Spike, would you stop messing around and help me do X!?"

Flip back and forth as needed to fill time/tell the main plot (Maybe that text has hints about the creeping shadow,  and why the sisters left the castle, maybe there are red herrings, maybe we get to learn something interesting about the princesses themselves!).

I'm not sure how to end act 2, but I'd explore the idea of Twilight becoming aware of the threat around her.  Twilight is alarmed, but she isn't scared because her friends are there.  This pays off when we get to the aesop at the end.

Commercial 2
Act 3: Resolution and aftermath

RD and AJ both actually freak out and, scared, hold eachother for comfort.  This is the first time they openly express fear to one another. 

It's... Pinkie Pie?  Embarassed by their reaction, the Daring Duo quickly stop hugging and look bashful etc. 

Lampshad the whole thing by a "What in EQUESTRIA are you doing HERE Pinkie Pie?" from Twi and a response by AJ and RD simultaneously along the lines of "Because Pinkie Pie."  It's a gag ending, yep!  She explains casually how she came here (Something Shiny lured her in?), and how she saw an X, and played with a Y, and encountered a Z, while Spike, AJ, and Dash all kinda tick off how the X and Y and Z were what gave them the actual frights.  They feel dumb now, and Twilight gets to be smug.

They come back to Ponyville. We catch the tail end of them explaining the whole affair to Fluts and Rarity, who are having tea or something (maybe spike and angel can have a hi-five moment).  Somepony proposes "hey, why don't we do a diary too?"  And they agree.  Then one of the ponies delivers the aesop.  Twilight might butt in that she felt safe the whole time because she brought her friends along, and drop a hint that AJ and RD should have done the same (whether they take this advice can be left open).

Rarity says it's a great idea, and asks Fluttershy if she'd accompany her to the castle, because she heard about some tapestries that will be so in next season.  Fluts is reluctant, but then the others offer to lend their support.  The last image shows them heading to the castle together, and laughing and having a good time.  We get a glimpse.  A blink-and-you-miss-it moment where the ACTUAL shadow pony appears briefly.

B-tsh-tsh-tsh-tsh ♪ My Little Pony ♫ Credits roll.

#14043 Should the FiM comics be canon?

Posted by Dessa on 27 September 2013 - 03:25 PM

There's a nifty poll, but I'll say here that this isn't something that will be settled on votes.  Arguments matter too, so please outline your reasoning.  WHY should comics be canon/not canon?

I would say that the comics are not as widespread and well-read as the show is.  Lots of folks don't read or haven't read the comics, and to make them canon brings in the sticky issue of referencing.  The show is our baseline.  We've all seen it.  The lore we create can be seen right there in our forums.  The comics are a sort of limbo, and that's problematic.

#12481 Why is Whitetail Woods Skinnier?

Posted by Dessa on 27 August 2013 - 10:18 PM

We've been dieting, and now we can fit into a size 8!

No seriously, I have no idea, but we're aware.  Just waiting for Davroth to log on so we can figure out what the heck that's about.

In the meantime, just soak in the sexy!  (Though as we know, REAL websites wear size 16)

#9365 Endless character approval argument (walls o' text)

Posted by Dessa on 04 July 2013 - 09:32 PM

NO.  No fighting!  There will be no Windigoes today!

#8541 Littlest Pet Shop

Posted by Dessa on 27 June 2013 - 05:58 PM


#8499 Twinkle-eyes is watching you sleep.

Posted by Dessa on 27 June 2013 - 12:56 PM

Talk to Tales.

#7956 Board Update!

Posted by Dessa on 24 June 2013 - 10:29 AM


Welp, we've worked, we've dragged our hooves, we've gone on an unholy Animal Crossing binge, we've slogged/enjoyed our way through Equestria Girls, but today, we achieve something of consequence!  Yep, that's right, it's a forum update.  Today's theme is growth.

Growing the world
We have a lore forum now.  More importantly, we've developed a sensible system for handling lore! Those of you out there who want to build worlds should head on over there and check it out.  Make sure to hit the stickied posts therein to familiarize yourself with the system.



Growing your garden
We're adding badges!  As you achieve certain things or participate in certain events, you'll earn things to put in your garden (which you can opt to show at the foot of your posts).  The more stuff you do, the more stuff you get.  Right now, we have just two badges (donator and founder), but with your help, we will have many more.  What would YOU like to see recognized?  My pixel-finger is itching to make s'more. (Edit:  Err. very soon.  One or two kinks left to work out for badges).


Growing the forum
With this update, we're also starting outside advertisement to bring some fresh faces in, starting with the a post to Equestria Daily's nightly roundup (including the image atop this post -- much love and appreciation to BrianBlackberry for hooking us up).  Feel free to spread the image itself as well, just as long as you leave the artist's signature and our URL on there.  Depending on how much money we find in the couch cushions (our couches accept donations), we'll get rolling on some genuine ad-buys as well and get some fresh faces for you guys to initiate.  


Growing the cast
Yep, cast!  We'll be starting lesser cast members, and in the coming weeks, and slowly opening up the Big Dogs like the mane six in the coming weeks.


Growing this metaphor ceased to be useful last paragraph.
We've hired some staff.  No more interminable waits while your app slowly festers in the midday sun!  These waits are gonna be totally terminable now!  Welcome aboard, SonicRainboomGirl, Vizionz, Knight, and Iza-Chan.




#6839 Animal Crossing

Posted by Dessa on 10 June 2013 - 04:03 PM

"Honey, what's wrong?"
"I've got a fever!"
"Oh no!"
"And the only cure is more Animal Crossing!"

#6696 Littlest Pet Shop

Posted by Dessa on 09 June 2013 - 10:54 AM

Sweettruck ride is best episode because of may reasons, and Sugar sprinkle is one of them.  She is best guest pet, after all.

#6588 Let us be honest.

Posted by Dessa on 08 June 2013 - 10:26 PM

And again, they don't ban for NO reason there.  They have rules plainly stated, take them or leave them.  If they're ban-happy, it's because their structure is set to be so, and not so much because every staffer there is out to get you.

Keep in mind, they're HUGE.  Running that site is no cakewalk.

#6528 Littlest Pet Shop

Posted by Dessa on 08 June 2013 - 08:14 AM

The Biskits are my fave.  LOVE the Biskits.  I don't mind Blythe tho.  Her friends, tho, just bore me to tears.  



What I think is funny is that they try to present the Biskit Twins as these popular mean girls, but they aren't ever shown with any friends, and nobody seems to like them or fear them.  They're not usually that nice, but "mean girl" is more than just a girl that is mean.  
On the other hand, Blythe is very well liked, sometimes inspiring fanaticism.  The only people that dislike her are the Biskits.  I feel like they just want to be cool like Blythe, but resent that she spurns them.  From the very first ep, they've wanted to be her friend, and in that ep, Blythe refuses.
The Biskits are shallow and lazy, but only a little mean.  I feel like they get way more hate than they deserve