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RWBY. Watch it or I will ban each and every one of you, starting with me.

10 December 2013 - 10:35 AM

It's a web animation that looks like video games.  But it's more like an anime.  It's got all kinda cool weapons and fights and stuff, and is like all futuristic with monsters.  For some people mentioning the creator Monty Oum means something.  Well, he made this.  And I guess did work on Red Vs. Blue, which I don't like.  But I like this a lot.

Also too, it's funny and got interesting characters, and one of the big themes is friendship.  I know nobody likes to hear about friendship, because you're bronies, and bronies aren't about all that, but hey, everybody needs somebody sometimes.

Here are things you can click that show you things that might make you want to watch it more:

RWBY Trailer: Red

See?  That was pretty cool, wasn't it.

There's like 4 trailers, and they're all pretty great, and none of them spoil the show, so watch those if you just want moar fights.
But if I sold you, or if I haven't, here's the first episode:

Here's the whole playlist: http://www.youtube.c...ZYlD9MHjvmT8IGK
Yeah, I liked that a whole lot.  But if you thought it was kinda crappy lookin, well, y'know, first episodes and all.  It gets better.


(I just banned Davr0th, just so you guys know i mean business.  Proof: http://whitetail-woo...er/668-davr0th/)

Why is Whitetail Woods Skinnier?

27 August 2013 - 10:18 PM

We've been dieting, and now we can fit into a size 8!

No seriously, I have no idea, but we're aware.  Just waiting for Davroth to log on so we can figure out what the heck that's about.

In the meantime, just soak in the sexy!  (Though as we know, REAL websites wear size 16)

Board Update!

24 June 2013 - 10:29 AM


Welp, we've worked, we've dragged our hooves, we've gone on an unholy Animal Crossing binge, we've slogged/enjoyed our way through Equestria Girls, but today, we achieve something of consequence!  Yep, that's right, it's a forum update.  Today's theme is growth.

Growing the world
We have a lore forum now.  More importantly, we've developed a sensible system for handling lore! Those of you out there who want to build worlds should head on over there and check it out.  Make sure to hit the stickied posts therein to familiarize yourself with the system.



Growing your garden
We're adding badges!  As you achieve certain things or participate in certain events, you'll earn things to put in your garden (which you can opt to show at the foot of your posts).  The more stuff you do, the more stuff you get.  Right now, we have just two badges (donator and founder), but with your help, we will have many more.  What would YOU like to see recognized?  My pixel-finger is itching to make s'more. (Edit:  Err. very soon.  One or two kinks left to work out for badges).


Growing the forum
With this update, we're also starting outside advertisement to bring some fresh faces in, starting with the a post to Equestria Daily's nightly roundup (including the image atop this post -- much love and appreciation to BrianBlackberry for hooking us up).  Feel free to spread the image itself as well, just as long as you leave the artist's signature and our URL on there.  Depending on how much money we find in the couch cushions (our couches accept donations), we'll get rolling on some genuine ad-buys as well and get some fresh faces for you guys to initiate.  


Growing the cast
Yep, cast!  We'll be starting lesser cast members, and in the coming weeks, and slowly opening up the Big Dogs like the mane six in the coming weeks.


Growing this metaphor ceased to be useful last paragraph.
We've hired some staff.  No more interminable waits while your app slowly festers in the midday sun!  These waits are gonna be totally terminable now!  Welcome aboard, SonicRainboomGirl, Vizionz, Knight, and Iza-Chan.




The Lore Development FAQ (Read first)

05 June 2013 - 09:20 PM

The FAQ (front end) for lore development.

Q: What is lore?
A: Lore is the entire world that the characters here play in (excluding the open-ended Free-For-All section), including all the cities, animals, technology, organizations, etc.  Lore can be stuff you see in the show, or stuff we make up right here for Whitetail Woods, and can be used to flesh out any Roleplaying threads or sessions you have started. 
Q: What's the purpose of lore?
A: Lore has a few purposes.  It can be a springboard for RP ideas.  Your character might join the Wonderbolts, or travel to the Crystal Empire; lore can give you ideas for what to include. It's also a consistent baseline for all the players to share.  Unlike things an individual player might make up for the sake of an RP, Lore exists aside from any individual session, and can be referenced by anybody without having to dig into someone else's RP thread.

Q: Cool, so I can just make up lore?
A: Yes! But there is a process.  Lore must be approved before it can be considered "canon" or official. We do this to ensure quality and consistency. It wouldn't do for one person to declare that cybernetics exist, while another insists that they cannot. Nor is it any fun to look up an article, only to find it poorly written and full of typos. Note, however, that you can sometimes make things up for an individual thread without passing the Lore approval process. The process is there only for Lore, that is, something that any user can take for granted about the universe.
Q: How do I get Lore approved then?
A: The Lore approval process:

Lore progresses through 4 stages on its path to completion (each with a corresponding subforum):
1. Submission:  Where members submit ideas
2. Eligibility: Where all viable ideas sit, ready for perusal.
3. Development: Where ideas are actively edited and developed.
4. Approval: Where an idea goes when it is ready to be used for general RP.

A bit more detail on the above:

Q: Why is this so complicated?
A: Quality control, partly, and manageability, the other partly.  We want lore to be nice and polished, and nice and polished takes work.  By controlling the amount of lore submissions in development (and in consideration for development), we can keep the workflow manageable.  Having 20,000 projects open and waiting to be worked on is a great way to ensure nothing gets done.

Criteria for eligibility (PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING)

19 May 2013 - 08:11 AM

Submissions are to be pitches of ideas. Submissions should be at most paragraph or two in length, not more. It is merely stating that you have an idea, not a full on, well thought out Lore document. Submissions should be short, sweet, and to the point.

When creating a new group or species, a little more explanation may be needed. However, with already established canon species or locations, most of us should know what those things are, and know what you're trying to develop.