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Exciting news! Nightmare Night ending, Tier 1 opening, Hearth's Warming Eve soo...

19 November 2013 - 12:38 AM

Greetings, creatures of the Whitetail Woods. I am here to announce that at long last, the remaining canon characters shall be opening for biographies! That's right, the main characters that we all know and love will soon be playable! How soon? Well, starting next Sunday, November 24th, biographies will be accepted! Check the list for all the fun Tier 1 characters that will soon be invading your Roleplays.

In addition, there is more news! Tier 1 canon characters are opening up just in time for our Hearth's Warming Eve Event! It will begin on December 1st, and run until the very end of the month. There are lots of exciting new things happening here at Whitetail Woods, and we want EVERY user to be able to be apart of them.

And don't forget, the Lore section is still bustling with activity, and waiting for you to submit new ideas and stories! Come on down and contribute to this fantastic site, and help our forest grow!

As a last note, Nightmare Night Roleplay threads will be open for an additional two weeks, allowing people to finish up their haunted Roleplays. However, please do not create any new threads, as this will be the maximum amount of extended time.

Have a great time exploring all the nooks and crannies this site has to offer, and don't forget to get those biographies ready for the opening of Tier 1!


Everfree Northwest wants you!

06 November 2013 - 01:40 AM

Hey there! So, I know there are a ton of you that like My Little Pony conventions. Well, would you like to help make one happen? Join the Everfree Northwest staff team today! Currently, there are a few key positions open that the convention is looking to fill. If you would like to just be general staff, and not one of the listed positions, applications will be open in a few months. Right now, there are just a few key members of the team that we still need. Email staff@everfreenw.com if you are interested or you would like more information about these specific openings. So, without further ado, the open positions!




Registration Lead:
Everfree Northwest is currently seeking to hire the leader of the Registration team. This is a very important job—after all, there wouldn’t be a convention without attendees! The Registration Lead will work with the IT department to create the best registration experience possible for attendees, both online and day-of the convention. They will need to develop a plan of action for taking care of registration at con, including requesting supplies and planning ways to improve the structure of lines and the way Registration is run as a whole if necessary. For those who love planning and organizing, this is a job for you!

Visual Arts Lead:
The Visual Arts Lead of Everfree Northwest will be responsible for planning and coordinating the arts and crafts room at the con, and perhaps a few other art related events. This will require prior planning and work throughout the year. Visual Arts is a sub-department of Events, and can turn to the Director of Events for advice or aid if necessary, although they will likely be equipped to handle the duties of the position on their own. This is a great position for someone who is very in tune to the fandom art scene, and loves every creative thing the fandom outputs.

Video Production Lead:
Do you have a passion for videography and video editing? Than this is the job for you! The Video Production Lead will work to create promotional videos advertising for the convention throughout the year. In addition, they will work alongside the Director of Events to work on any visuals that will be needed for the mane stage at the convention. These visuals will need to be created throughout the year, and the Video Production Lead will also be responsible for setting up and running them at con. Any other video production needs the convention has, the Video Production Lead will handle as well!

Answer Desk Manager:
One of the first people both attendees and staff will turn to at the convention, the Answer Desk Manager is sure to be a fast paced and busy job! The Answer Desk Manager will be in charge of answering questions and providing information to both attendees and staff, and must remain positive! Customer service skills are a must for this job! The Answer Desk Manager will also be in charge of their own staff team at the con. The Answer Desk will be a hub of information of all kinds, and the staff manning it will need to be as informed as possible about all details of the convention events and spaces. This is sure to be a fun and fast moving job!






When is the convention?

July 4-6, 2014.


Do I have to be local?

Nope! You do have to attend the convention for most positions though, but during the year it doesn't matter where you live.


Do I need to be experienced?

Nope! You just need a willingness to learn and be taught how to do the job you're volunteering for.


Is there pay?

No, Everfree Northwest is non-profit, and all jobs are done on a volunteer basis.




Anything else, please feel free to comment!

Should the FiM comics be canon?

27 September 2013 - 05:41 AM

Hi there! It has come to the attention of the staff that there is a question that we are not sure how to answer. Should the FiM comics be considered canon for the Land of Equestria Roleplay area? This would mean that any Lore revealed in the comic books would become board canon. We're pretty keen to involve users in the inner workings of the board, so instead of just discussing it among the staff and making a decision, we're pitching it to you, the userbase!

Now, how would this work for those who do not want to buy the comics or who do not have access to them? Well, the staff would write a summary of the events of each comic, and they would be filed away in the Approved Lore area. That way, everyone would be in the loop no matter what.

For those who have read the comics, you'll know that there are a lot of neat tidbits revealed. I won't go into them at the moment, for those that don't want to be spoiled. But, the comics do fill in little bits of backstory for some of the characters, or little known facts about them and such.

Nobody is required to vote, but if you've read the comics or if you're just open to more canon lore, feel free to cast as yay or neigh. This poll will likely close in about two weeks, so spread the word and don't dilly-dally!

Any questions or concerns, feel free to comment.

Felicity [Final]

17 September 2013 - 05:01 AM

Roleplay Area: Land of Equestria
Name: Felicity
Sex: Female
Age: Young
Species: Dragon
Eye Color: Dark blue
Skin Color(s): Black
Physique: Dark and slender, lizard like in appearance and movement. Very elegant and graceful for a dragon, but still muscular.
Residence: Wander, formerly a Griffin airship, currently the Everfree Forest.
Occupation: Pirate
Personality Like many Dragons, Felicity has a fondness for shiny things. She doesn't really have the means to be a greedy hoarder though, as she doesn't stay in one place for too long. However, the crew that she was with before had a cave full of treasure, which is still hidden somewhere out at sea at this very moment. Felicity doesn't have much reason to return if she has no one to share the treasure with though, and staying alone to guard it would be boring. There are always more bits in the world anyway if somepony happens to find the secret spot and steal everything away.
She has a secret fondness for reading, though it was previously a hobby she rarely had time to indulge in. Being always on the run, and when not on the run, sleeping the day away or searching for a ship to pillage, there isn't a whole lot of time for a pirate to have hobbies.
History: Felicity was recently part of an airship crew of Pirates, until her captain was killed in action. They'd been good friends. The captain had taken her in and raised her almost since she was an egg. Her egg had been found on another ship that the pirates had robbed, and the captain took it for his own, intending to use and train whatever was inside to his advantage. Felicity started as a pet, but as she grew up and learned to talk, she became more of a companion and equal member of the crew. When she got too big, she'd fly alongside the ship, or scout ahead. But a recent attack didn't quite go as planned, and many of the crew were lost. After that, the gang disbanded, to join other airships or seek other prospects in life. Felicity had no where to go.
She currently resides in the Everfree Forest. The forest is full of prey and cover, while Felicity figures out what to do. She wants revenge, against those that destroyed those most close to her, her crew and those that were pretty much her family. At the moment, she's not strong enough on her own and she hasn't found another crew to be apart of.
Felicity doesn't like cows, she thinks they smell and are dirty. She doesn't even like to eat them, but she'll take down a goat or even a sheep if she absolutely has to. Living with Griffins, she grew up eating a lot of fish. She learned to swim a little in order to better be able to catch them. She uses her wings to push herself along under the water.
She is excellent at flying silently, because she had to learn and practice. She needed to be silent so that she wouldn't give away the position of the ship during raids and attacks. Being a Pirate, she's also a skilled fighter, both in clawed combat and with a sword.
Felicity believes in survival of the fittest, and dislikes Princess Celestia because she cares for all ponies. She sees her as unfair, because while the ponies live in thriving lands, Griffins and Dragons live in mountains and canyons and caves. Princess Celestia only cares for those of her own kind, and could care less about other creatures.
Felicity traveled across the San Palomino Desert and Ghastly Gorge. She found the Everfree Forest and decided to stay there for awhile and lay low. She doesn't know if the other airship crew will be looking for her, since she was pretty hard to miss during the battle. She also doesn't know what to do now. The airship had been her life, and the captain her best friend, and now she'd lost everything.

Crystal Ponies

05 September 2013 - 05:47 AM

So, time to discuss Crystal Ponies!