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Penby's Pictures

12 July 2013 - 01:27 AM

Ayeyaaa its Penumbra! I'm doin' one of these now because, you know, reasons.

So a brief history of my drawing life: 
A bored Penumbra decided to pick up a pencil one day and poni. Then he didn't stop poni and made it his goal to poni untill all the poni has been poni. For a year, Penumbra was teaching himself all the odds and ends of poni. Recently he has taken lessons from a professional artist to increase his poni ponin' abilities.  

Typically i'm off drawing Fallout equestria related stuff, because its the only thing that sustains my interest. 

First up is Littlepip. 


I fell out of the lines a few times, but i was focusing more on the fire effects.

Now its Puppysmiles from Pink eyes.


  "But Penumbra you Hercules exemplar, can you draw anything else apart from poni?"

Well, yea. Here's my first attempt at a human. 


Now next up is my currently most popular picture. 


If anyone can tell my what made this picture so popular, please do. I got kinda overwhelmed with the response and i don't know what i did that was so right.

Now my most recent one. I'm not actually too happy with this one, the background was taking too long and so i had to force myself to stop faffing about with it. 


So there you have it.

Criticism is always welcome. And for reference, I use a Wacom Tablet and Photoshop cs6. 



09 May 2013 - 04:23 AM

Hey guys, look. It's Penumbra.
If you know me, we've probably been acquainted. If you know me and we haven't been acquainted, well, that's just creepy.

I'm a British-born currently Australian who spend 90% of their time drawing and eating skittles.  
I'll be around the place. Normally skulking about in the shadows, as my name suggests. Alternatively

you could say my name into the mirror three times. 

Rampage is best pony. That's my final answer. Don't know who that is? Well.......