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Ask Nightbloom

08 October 2013 - 01:03 PM

I don't expect too many questions, but I'll open this thread and follow it in case someone actually asks me something.

Edit: And only ask things you really want to know. I won't be happy and cheerful all the time, you've been warned.

Nightbloom [FINAL]

31 August 2013 - 02:15 AM

Roleplay Area:
Land of Equestria

Nightbloom, but she doesn't mind being called Nighty or Bloomy.




Eye Color:

Skin Color(s):
Dark grey

Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style:
Both her mane and tail are of a light lavender color. She tends to keep her mane rather short and her tail is a bit shorter than the average mare too. Most of the time she doesn't care much about brushing either, leaving mane and tail the way they form themselves.

One might not suspect it, but this batpony has a toned body. You could say that she isn't in the guard for nothing! However, as batponies are related to pegasi with their wings, they are a bit smaller than unicorns and earth ponies, which naturally also applies for Nightbloom.

Cutie Mark:
Nightbloom's cutie mark are three white flowers. It resembles her talent with flowers, caring for them and her joy seeing something she cares for growing with every day. When she joined the Lunar Guards, she turned her talent into her hobby, caring for a few pot plants at her home.

The mare was born and raised in one of the mountain caves further north from Canterlot.1 After Princess Luna's return she moved to wherever her duty as a guard took her, from within the caves to Canterlot to Luna's palace.

Canterlot Royal Guard, a Lunar Guard to be more precisely.

Nightbloom is a straight-forward mare, always saying what she thinks without making much fuzz about it. However, she is rather short-sighed, never planning too much ahead. The batpony herself would say that she's “living in the here and now, rather than in the future or the past”.

With her short-sighed mind, Nightbloom is also rather easily distracted, switching from one thing to another. If she encounters a problem, she always tries the first thing she can think of to deal with it, without spending too much time on analyzing the problem in order to find the easiest working way. Of course that sometimes means that she has to do some work twice.

Nightbloom has always been a little bit curious about things she didn't knew, but with a whole country like Equestria at her hooves, just waiting to be explored, made her curiosity explode. When she has a day off for once in a while, the mare likes to explore Equestria and it's nightlife.

Cutie Mark Story
Born and raised in one of the big caves in the mountains, daylight was always rare. So it was of no surprise, that one night Nightbloom found a flower together with it's pot inside a trash can. She can't recall anymore how she got to look inside a trash bin, must have been some kind of accident while flying around, but she found the dying plant. Furthermore she doesn't know how or why, but she instinctively knew what she had to do in order to save the plant. And so she gave it some water and placed it outside the caves, to that when the sun would rise again, it could get some light.

It took some time, but the plant recovered and grew once more. Despite Nightbloom's straight-forwarded nature, she had managed to achieve in a longer lasting task, even thought she probably did so only because the first thing she tried was also the right thing to do.


Some batponies, including Nightbloom and her family, are living in deep caves inside the mountains. Nightbloom was born and raised inside one of those caves. As the second daughter in her family, she didn't only have two caring parents, but also a big sister. So she was in good hooves most of her time, until she learned to fly. After that she became hard to control, always on the run to or from somepony. She might not be a world-class athlete with her wings, but she is good enough to handle herself while flying.

Ever since she got her cutie mark, Nightbloom used to keep one or two pot plants at her home, placing them outside the cave during day so that they could get some sunlight, and placed them inside the cave at night, so that she could see something nice. But despite her talent with flowers, Nightbloom joined the Lunar Guards to step into the hoofsteps of her parents who were part of the guards of the batpony caves. She had learned everything about Princess Luna and what happened almost a thousand years ago, and even thought she didn't think that a world with everlasting night would be too nice to everypony else but batponies, she knew that she'd serve the princess loyally once she would return. And so she was thought in the traditional ways guards have been thought a thousand years back, making her able to, if necessary, stand guard next to a door without moving herself for a long time and pick up the weapon to defend herself and Equestria.

When Nightmare Moon returned, she got defeated and turned to Princess Luna again, Nightbloom and the other Lunar Guards took their place besides the princess once more, guarding the blue alicorn and her palace.

Loyally serving Princess Luna, Nightbloom really enjoys the nights while sleeping during the day. Whenever she doesn't has to work, she likes to explore Equestria and it's cities. Also, she still has her pot plants in her new home and takes good care of them.

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