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#15922 Lady Aniseed [FINAL]

Posted by Martian on 05 November 2013 - 05:58 PM

*puts on monocle*

This is a most impressive character application, most impressive, indeed.
*sips tea*
I shall gladly move this charming mare to pending status. Admirable work, sir. Most befitting.

Most kind, most kind indeed. Absurdly flimsy yet ridiculously expensive biscuit to go with your tea?

#15866 Lady Aniseed [FINAL]

Posted by Martian on 04 November 2013 - 06:54 AM


Roleplay Area: Lands of Equestria
Name: Lady Aniseed (‘Anise’ or ‘Ani’ to her parents, when they are feeling quaint.)
Sex: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Unicorn
Eye Color: Violet
Skin Color(s): Pale Blue
Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style: Silver with a grey stripe, kept in a long tumble of artful curls that are so very in fashion.
Physique: Tall and lean, as any unicorn of class should be. Often decorated with various trinkets.
Cutie Mark: A star anise seed pod.
Residence: Canterlot, though does own a modest number of villas in particularly choice cities such as Trottingham and Fillydelphia. With the resurgence of the Crystal Empire, she has taken an interest in acquiring a home there as well- It isn’t like they are expensive for one of her class.

Occupation: Being wealthy. This state of being is kept in balance by having been granted a very large trust fund from her parents. Because they aren’t stupid parents, the entirety of the fund is held by a very wise investment advisor who only allows Anise a part of the dividends from the interest every month. It is more than enough to keep her living at a level of lavish comfort that even most of Canterlot’s upper crust could only dream of.

Personality: Classy, poised, regal... and bored.
Anise was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and a gilt crib to sleep in- she’s never been wanting for anything, and has never so much as lifted a hoof to get something done as there was always a pony around to do it for her. She’s never cooked a meal, made a bed or washed her clothes, much less anything so demeaning as hold down a job. A life in the lap of luxury had all the effect one would expect; she tends to be shallow, vain, and more than a little clueless when out of her element, which is a very narrow path in itself. Beyond the world of trite fashion, mindless gossip, snobbery, and the occasional bit of surprising insight into spices (her family having gained their wealth through the spice trade,) she is at a loss.
This is an unfortunate thing because Anise feels inexplicably bored with her life, though cannot for the life of herself figure out why. The garden parties have grown dull, the regal stallions and glamourous mares of her class that she so loved to mingle with, the endless gossip about this mare and that stallion, all now about as interesting as watching paste dry. Even taking an impulsive jaunt to some city or another has lost its charm and excitement…
For most ponies this would be a tell-tale sign to move on and find something else, but for one born into the lifestyle with no experience of anything outside of it, it only leaves confusion. The status quo must be upheld, and Anise is expected to be a young lady of class and culture…

How desperately does her heart cry out for something else.

History: Born into the Saffron family and given everything she could ever want from day one. The family itself has an extensive history that stretches back through the decades, all the way to one intrepid trader who braved hard lands to bring back a wealth in the form of never-before-seen spices to Equestria. That visionary pony built a business that swiftly grew into a dynasty that stretched across the continent through razor-minded business acumen and occasional bloody-hooved piratical takeovers. Her descendants since then had taken the form of cunning traders, knife-minded lawyers, and more than the fair share of grinning pirates, each of whom have left their mark on the family and Equestria.
The current-day Saffron family is more into quiet, over-the-counter dealing and trading than sabre-wielding piracy, but the history is there… and it is another reason for Anise’s disappointment in her station: Her family has all this history, and the best thing she has done in life thus far was to have the third highest grades of her class at her finishing school, and that was five years past.
At her age, Anise’s ancestor Saffron has already crossed the lands of the Zebra twice.

Perhaps a change in scenery...

#15359 He's just this guy, you know?

Posted by Martian on 25 October 2013 - 06:49 AM

Yeah, I know!

How's it going? Welcome to the Wood(s)! :D How did you find this site?

Good fellow by the name of Dusty Sage over on FiMFiction recommended it today on his journal. Thought it was worth checking out.

#15345 He's just this guy, you know?

Posted by Martian on 25 October 2013 - 04:17 AM

I'v never been much for introductions, but I suppose it is the thing to do.


Hai. I'm Martian, also known as 'The Martian', but I do prefer just to be called Bill- er, I mean, Marty. I'm a bit of an author, a bit of an artist, and a bit of a knobhead at times, though I do try to keep it under wraps by acting all cool and mysterious while trying to avoid talking.


It doesn't work, but at least the effort is there, yea?


A rather good author I know mentioned this place recently, and I figured I'd wander over for a visit, given my old, crippling addiction to PBP roleplaying and the new (well, year-old now,) addiction to pony. Given that my story writing is on hiatus as it is, not certain if I even will join in to do anything at any point in the near future, but I am here now, and there is always that chance...


See, I have had this one story idea chewing on the back of my skull for months, and I decided a long while ago that it would be best as an RP rather than a story... Perhaps this is the place to get it off the ground, if I could convince anyone to RP as zebra foals.


But regardless, I am here, and now I am going to wander off again to make some tea.