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#82939 Pay no attention to that girl behind the curtain...

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 22 July 2017 - 06:54 AM

Hey, very much a fan of Miraculous Ladybug myself! Though if I were honest, I do wish it would have gone with the original 2D/Anime style it had going originally over the CGI style they went with. Still, it is a pretty enjoyable series


Studio Ghibli, and the works of Hayao Miyazaki, is always a wonder to behold. I love the movies they bring out.


Disney and Pixar are also nice, though admittedly I am not so keen on some of the decisions of the former when it comes to Star Wars. Both with the new movies and in decanonizing the expanded universe.


Sighs, though Zootopia was wonderful gem to have come out. Very much a Judy x Nick shipper.

#82936 [Final] Prince Carrion

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 22 July 2017 - 06:44 AM

Yes, this resource when it comes to playing a lich. 


Van Richten's Guide to the Lich


Though when it comes to approval, it is okay right now, though I did offer a way to improve it.

#82571 [FINAL] Infernalo

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 18 July 2017 - 04:56 AM

Interesting, seems we will have a lot of colorful characters to interact with in the Free Forum Area. Welcome

#60526 Back Slash

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 10 February 2016 - 03:59 PM

The 'Age' system works like this: Foal, FIlly/Colt, Mare/Stallion


Occupation wouldn't be Homeless as that isn't a job or profession. The nearest equivalent to such would be Jobless, though that has the problem of not having any income.


Your character may have a crush on Rainbow Dash, but one of the rules is that no OC can have a relationship with any canon character. That goes with the idea that any such relationship needs to be earned or developed during roleplay not just starting out. This also effects the bit involving Derpy, I'm sorry to say.


What of how he gained his cutiemark?


The details involving the changelings effects a few things, such as your pony's age as the attack on Canterlot was a more recent event. Which is why I put down that his age was colt not stallion, as it would make him fairly young in age. More like an older teenager at most. Also King of the Void sin't really a name I could see a changeling happen, especially the royal title of 'king' since there are only hive queens since the race has a fair bit of connection to insects.



A few things I would like to see detail on:
1. One Ally (You will need this, preferably someone other then a canon character.)
2. One Enemy (This could be the changeling who killed his parents)
3. One Short Term Goal (or A Source of Internal Conflict)*
4. One Long Term Goal (or A Source of External Conflict)*
5. A Brief Character History**
*These are the two big ones I that don't really see detailed
** You partly have this

#58859 Radiant Resonance [FINAL]

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 21 December 2015 - 01:27 AM

Hmm... I guess I can offer my Approved stamp, you working on her bio a bit more as you roleplay can work.


Edit: Also, you're right there is nothing rule breaking.

#58773 Radiant Resonance [FINAL]

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 18 December 2015 - 07:33 PM

Hmm, should I or shouldn't I. It is very detailed, her characterization and personality is good... yet I wonder if personality can be expanded. At the moment she doesn't seem to have anything in the way of notable quirks or flaws as far as I can see reading through it.

She is a very nice and generous mare, smart and beautiful, involved in charities while donating of her time and wealth. Famous, and "wealthiest mare in the modeling world", there is little to show why anypony wouldn't get along with her. My gut feeling leaves me wondering it such is appropriate or a bit much.

I'm not sure what to do, other then try explaining my thoughts as above. -shrugs-

#57685 Blazing Legend [FINAL]

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 05 November 2015 - 11:34 AM

Blaze has forgone romance in order to satisfy his wanderlust, and pursues his wanderlust with uncharacteristically blind ambition for the recognition of being "the pony who mapped Equestria," though he secretly fears the ramifications of releasing said map in it's true form with nothing hidden or held back. Overall he is a levelheaded character who can just as easily be a mentor, as he can become a danger to those who companion themselves to him.

It was this paragraph that lead me to believe it had already been completed, my apologies for the mistake in thinking that was the case. Perhaps I merely misread it, though perhaps consider slight rewording so such is more clear. Sorry again for the confusion and the long post that was unneeded. ^^;


Since that was my only concern/'problem' I am willing to offer my own Approved to the list.

#57515 Artemis [FINAL]

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 30 October 2015 - 02:17 PM

I still think this is a wonderful character! ^^

#57427 [MLP/Pathfinder] Ponyfinder: Age of Adventure OOC (Open)

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 23 October 2015 - 07:11 PM

 Depends if these two things can correspond. ;)

Ah... I had forgotten those details.


Hmm, would you be willing to create a character without the above while I figure out a homebrew of some sort? It would most likely be feats, though there may be another way of getting those ideas to work. I may have to ask the help or advice of the one behind the Multiclass Archetypes I was a part of.


Also, have I shown you both options for having a werewolf character or just the werewolf barbarian class?



I think it may be possible for you to bring him in, it could add for some amusement having him walk onto the scene of Mythos and Clarity having their little 'spat'/argument.

#56892 Mad Munchkin Drew my Characters!

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 06 October 2015 - 12:03 AM

It felt like it cost an arm and a leg, but I recently had finished two commissions with a third coming along later once I have the money. Tell me what you think! ^^


Mythos Gray



Star Dream


#56539 Artemis [FINAL]

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 27 September 2015 - 07:50 PM

Yes, yes it can still be approved for other FFA stuff.  :P

#56513 Artemis [FINAL]

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 27 September 2015 - 01:34 PM

Very nice, I like the character a lot. I would say approved... what roleplay?

#55436 Ponyfinder - Age of Adventure IC

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 07 September 2015 - 09:55 PM

@Communist Crotch Goblin, Daawnily, Felyon, SpyPony, Fenris

Though none in the waiting room would know this, their presence and purpose had created something of a stir within the CRG in which their as of yet unknown host would need to hurry before to many questions were asked or word of the meeting came to the ears of the guild leader. There was a smile on his face though as he made his way quickly to where he had the party to be gather.
By his side was the timid looking mare who had first spoken with the desk ponies before, and with a worried tone she was say to the stallion, “Mr. Gray sir, are you sure about this? Going behind Clarity Sight's back like this.”
“You leave the Guild Master to me, don't worry yourself about her,” the unicorn would say as he found himself in front the door, hoping there was enough recruits to have this work. With a deep breath, and confidant grin, he would open the door to find what seemed to be dragon pony or kirin of some sort, a large black panther, a diamond dog, an earth pony, and also a pegasus waiting within.
Quickly shutting the door behind him, and seemingly locking it with magic, once his assistant had entered as well he would look over each of the adventurers in turn. The stallion's presence would reveal to everyone in the room to be that of a grey, well groomed, unicorn with white mane and tail. His appearance would be deceiving enough as to suggest he would be more at home among the elite then as a researcher, though in truth he was very much at home within the wall of the CRG.
Mr. Gray would seem that there was introductions already taking place, and he was certain there was question of what this was all about and he would say “Now I am certain you have been wonder what this is all about, and you can call it a quest of sorts... one that I will have to explain quickly if we are to get this started without trouble.” The stallion's assistant would hide behind him at the sight of the panther and dragon pony, intimidated by both while also looking worriedly to the door.
Looking from each in turn he would ask, “Since it seems you have each been getting antiquated with each other, might I request from each your names? Also perhaps offer somewhat of your qualification for an assignment... involving finding and acquiring an item of antiquity, one that some would say does not exist?” Looking behind him he would add, “This assignment will be 'off the books', as it were, and I will be funding the mission personally.”
The stallion would sigh before explaining, “This because there are those within the Canterlot Research Guild who feel my interest is misplaced and should be abandoned, thus refusal of funding.” Realizing he had forgotten something, he would smile warmly before offering, “Oh, and my name is Mythos Grey. I am glad to see each of you here.”
Thankfully, the unicorn should be safe for now... and there would be time to answer a few questions and to go into more detail of what he sought. His words could well hint something was amiss, or at least that he had was not supposed to have set up this meeting, and could lead to most in the room wonder if they should be a part of this adventure.

#55076 [MLP/Pathfinder] Ponyfinder: Age of Adventure OOC (Open)

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 25 August 2015 - 06:19 PM

I will see to posting tomorrow, while also seeing to PMing those that have not posted.



Also, I just wanted to let you know I will be making use of skill encounters during the course of the campaign. What are skill encounters?


Skill encounters are a way to challenge the PCs without resorting to combat. They let skills and abilities shine while letting the swords, shields and staves take the night off. Chasing after a cultist who ran from the last battle makes a great skill encounter. A poison gas chamber the PCs must escape from before they succumb to the debilitating vapors makes a great skill encounter. A riddle chamber filled with clues the PCs must decipher makes for a great skill encounter.
Once I get a chance I will be buying a few book for such.

#54755 [MLP/Pathfinder] Ponyfinder: Age of Adventure OOC (Open)

Posted by EquestrianScholar on 16 August 2015 - 01:32 PM

For the most part, the conversations and interactions in the roleplay that took place on MLP Forums is canon for the roleplay here on Whitetail Woods.

I have posted, though I admit there is a fair bit of copy/paste from the original thread on MLP Forums. I have added some detail for which each of you can begin heading towards the Canterlot Research Guild.

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