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Create a Superhero or Villian (DC or Marvel)

31 July 2017 - 11:47 PM

Hey, I am curious to see what some may come up with here when it comes to creating a superhero or villain. What sort of superhero or villain would you like to be or create?
I have a couple myself, but I will start offer by offering a less fleshed out concept I have for a superhero. One for the DC universe. There is one other one, but he can wait.
Name: Golden Haze
Superpowers (From Superpowers Wikia): Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Inventing, Mechanical Intuition, Technology Manipulation, Suit Up!, High-Tech Exoskeleton/Artificially Enhanced Physiology (Speedster Physiology, Enhanced/Supernatural Speed, G-Force Manipulation, G-Force Adaptation, Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Stamina, Heat Generation/Attacks).
Additional Information: Essentially, if I were to make a superhero, I’d want him to be a technological speedster who created his own suit. In many ways a mix of Iron Man and The Flash, but with the added benefit of having heat-related abilities because of how the power suit generates a huge amount of heat and needs to "vent" in some way.
I would have it that this aspect of the suit would be considered a flaw and while it can be beneficial there’s also risk not being able to vent it properly or at a moment that’s convenient. This could also damage the suit, himself, or the wrong people. More it is an aspect that requires the suit to be repaired fairly often, in addition to them trying to make improvements.
Perhaps also another aspect, since I can’t see him being a billionaire like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne, this will mean that he would need to find someone willing to help fund his research. Thus not offering him complete freedom in how his technology is used, and making it so that he has to allow a lot of his research to be used by the government or military.
At least as long as it might take to catch the notice of the Justice League or other wealthy figure/superhero who can maybe help him out with his research to the point where he can break ties with those who could abuse it or use it in ways that he doesn’t feel comfortable with.

Help With Site Revival!

16 July 2017 - 06:15 AM

Greetings and salutations, it has been a while. I hope there might be at least a few here that see this announcement and proclamation as I seek to bring back the life I once saw on Whitetail Woods. The roleplays, the discussion, as well more as to once again see both old and new members moving about.


If you are an old member uncertain of whether or not Whitetail Woods is even worth fighting for, I ask that you step forward and give this site the chance to shine yet again as well grow perhaps beyond what it has been in a very long time. If you are a new member, welcome and please stay a while. This was a great community once with members who come on daily for discussions, roleplaying, lore building, and more.


Please, stay a while and learn just what it means to be a member of Whitetail Woods.

Secrets of the Library (Canterlot, OOC)

06 April 2017 - 03:41 AM

What secrets can be found within the Canterlot library, the archives, even the Starswirl the Bearded wing? One stallion decides he wants to find out, but may find he will need others to help him discover such mysteries and secrets perhaps even with one of the Royal Sisters getting involved.


Hey everyone, if any are even still here. I thought I would reappear and see to getting more coming to the Whitetail Woods or at least become more active myself even if I can't get anyone else to see what can be found here. What I have in mind here is a roleplay involving my character Mythos Gray, and hope others might find themselves interested in what may come.


Are there any still active to any degree here?