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#56790 Pester Cobs With Endless Questions!

Posted by CobsRa on 02 October 2015 - 03:47 AM

that's kinda baller. I hope to someday meet someone like that, before in five years that person becomes me. 


I think it's good to try to be optimistic. It takes effort, but it really really helps one's emotional state, and helps one stay strong and keep on chooglin'. Hiking sounds like it'd be fun, and I did something when I was back in rural-as-buck land, but now that I'm in muh dorm room I don't really have many places to walk to. 


do you/did you play any instruments? Have you ever considered learning?


I do not, sadly. :(


I have entertained the idea here and there, but never quite kicked myself up to go and learn. I'd probably aim to play the violin, if anything. I can appreciate it's shrill stringy sounds, and I seem to have a good body build for it. Besides that, well, there's always piano for my long-reaching and dexterous fingers.




You know, those long, spindly fingers that ladies love... <3




... Because I also have very femininely-arched finger nail beds. I mean, what else would I have been talking about just now? :youmadbroo:


That's an image of an aye-aye's hand, if you're worried...

#56788 Pester Cobs With Endless Questions!

Posted by CobsRa on 02 October 2015 - 03:32 AM

I do the sniff tests personally. I try to replace undies every morning when i have a shower but sometimes it's just...eh...I don't wanna do laundry...


So I get conservative. 

Which leads me into a shameful self-plug: are the undie lyrics here (muh latesty song eyyyy) tasteful/good/relateable? Songwriting is fun but I dunno if it's ever good. It sure helps me feel better.



There's a big drop-off in the avenue
My socks are already soaked from the holes in my shoes
and i know if I don't buy a new pair
then I'm gonna spend two days in this underwear
and I'm only gonna clean next full moon

which makes me also wonder, do you do anything creative to help you feel better/reach catharsis with dumb stuff in life? I might've already asked...


You know, there's a guy here in Portland who strolls all through the city at 5:00 am with a BOOMINGLY loud boombox. Wish he'd play some more tasteful music like that once in a while as I'm heading to early shift at my bakery job...


As for catharsis... Oh, geez. For me, that's a difficult one. In my case, I guess I expend a lot of stress that would go towards other people in the form of exercise, running around at my jobs all day long. I'm also (usually) one of those optimistic chump-bags, and have recently taken to trying to train myself to look for positive points about people once I seem to have a problem. That tends to turn a lot of my problems into blank, distant reason, boring as I know that can be. :P


Actually, distancing myself for a spell until I calm down can help too - take a walk, or shower or something... I mean, that's not so much catharsis as it is just simmering down, but I guess I find it to be a little better of an alternative to bottling stuff up (which, make no mistake, I do a LOT anyway).


If you're the outdoorsy type or someone who just appreciates nature, hiking/backpacking might be a good thing if you're looking for a routine activity. 8D


That being said, when I can't get a logical/reasonable grip on my emotions, it usually isn't pretty. Having a loud mind to begin with as your standard suddenly turning into a thousand faceless voices shouting and you and eachother isn't a fun experience... :wat:


Thankfully that's rarer still.


EDIT: People wouldn't think it from looking at me and how light I am, but delicious food can often seem to curb crumby moods in my case too. :D

#56786 Pester Cobs With Endless Questions!

Posted by CobsRa on 02 October 2015 - 03:11 AM

What's the longest you ever went without changing your underwear?


I can't recount exactly how long, but... As a teen?


Too long. D:


There are some experiences that offer no clemency to the psyche, my friend. :harsh:


That being said, I swap out my underclothing frequently now, at adulthood.


Except socks. Unless I go hiking, they're usually covered up and masked with other prominent smells around me, so I could care less if they fester for several days normally. :wat:

#56492 Pester Cobs With Endless Questions!

Posted by CobsRa on 26 September 2015 - 08:37 PM

Do you give hoots?


Sorry, but mother told me not to hand hoots out to strangers. Instead I collect them for special occasions.


I got this, though:



#54895 ayyy lmao (Life Update Thread for Everyone Who Cares)

Posted by CobsRa on 20 August 2015 - 07:55 AM

Hmm, sounds like we might have a least a few things in common. As far as work goes, anyhow...


In my case I have a perfectionistic, yet very practical and timely nature. The other edge of that being that I'm only even really a little social during my free time, or when it isn't going to inconvenience people or distract them, I feel. The issue with me is that this works both ways; I have high standards for myself and for others as well (albeit much higher for myself first and foremost). It can get frustrating seeing people in my proximity working for like or better wages, yet who give only a meager percentile of the same effort. Usually this ends up with them pulling out their mobiles or chatting with other co-workers. I can do the same, but it's a very rare day that I engage in most small-talk for more than a few minutes totaled throughout a workday.


I do try to keep an open mind with others, of course. Not everyone is as introverted and concerned with pouring energy into work as I am, and generally that keeps my opinions of everyone pretty level, if slightly wavy at times. Others who continually show distasteful work ethics or inefficiency for their particular station, my respect often deteriorates. Which is another thing I'm apparently (not) good at; hiding my opinions and feelings behind a rather cold and level front.


Honestly, Nasty, there's a lot of reasons I consider my MBTI and Enneagram types to be pretty well and accurate (in my case, that is). Look up stuff about their social problem areas; cold shouldering, grudge holding, resentment... Unfortunately it's all true with me since I bottle so many of my views up, mostly because I feel I already have an understanding that others aren't going to be very receptive towards them. Which comes to my other problem area at work; I have severe issues with people who aspire to use social guile or coercion to win favor at work. Getting an intuitive impression of these actions is like water and oil with me, and usually results in an almost alienated demeanor towards them and cold shoulders/deaf ears to many of their lesser comments and questions.


Now, this isn't to say I'm without social skills, however! I make bank as far as compliments go at work, often for work ethic, but also for being "nice", "polite", and "funny". Of course, that being said, I've had to develop my social abilities over quite some time, and they're anything but perfect... My approach with people is often a small (but still sincere) smile backed with a nature of wanting to be helpful and book-learned ways to get into people's good graces.


But I'm probably getting a bit off-track here... I suppose for specific instances, I can be a hardened nut to speak with when people are wanting to debate "better" or efficient ways of doing something. If I know and respect the person, I'm all ears for suggestions on how I can improve. If I see someone possibly making an excuse disguised as a helpful suggestion, though... Well, my smile will shrink a little and my eyes will remain glued to that person until they realize what they've said and that it didn't go past my notice.


It doesn't happen often, but you'd be surprised how many times it's worked to get people to do what I want them to... :harsh:


Sadly I don't seem to have much control over it. Probably for the best anyhow. But my point with that is that I can be stubborn in my own opinions even well past my own control, unless either genuinely proven wrong or when receiving feedback from a well-regarded source.


I can also get especially bummed if I feel I can't actually complete all of my work, or do it well/fast enough. It hits home even more when I have someone else say it (though this only happened one time I can remember, and that was credible enough of an accusation). I wont show it outwardly very well, but I'll be constantly wracking my mind trying to think of ways to make it up to whomever I thought I'd burdened. On a darker note, if I feel I can't complete my work because of other people... well, I did mention resentment.


In arguments, I notice that I often have two ways of dealing with people, neither being wholly healthy, I suspect. The first is I speak very defensively, but in a way that subtly casts blame towards whomever my mind viewed as an offender. Naturally, this usually either backfires and someone points out flaws in my reasoning (the good outcome, IMO), or results in the other person backing off and likely not bringing up problems with me again (where I've then cut off a source of potential feedback...). The second is I can remain restrained and "polite", but it's pretty obvious my words can simply drip with venom. If I'm conscientious, I'll be aware to remain objective of everyone's goals, but when people do distasteful things (especially shady or unfair actions)... Well, I still need practice in that regard, to simply step away from a conflict for a while.


Man, my post is getting really long now... Lets see, how should I end it?


Oh, physical contact is quite awkward for me. I usually have to put up a front to deal with it, even with dear friends and family. :wat:


I probably strayed off topic a lot like a fool, but either way, I hope this'll do for now, unless you wanna know more. :)


Also, what sort of city would you be looking to move into, should you have any preference? If you don't mind my curiosity.  :P

#54887 Looking for pegasister friends ?

Posted by CobsRa on 20 August 2015 - 07:02 AM

Hey Emerald!


Let's see... I'm not entirely sure if I could help in your search too well, outside of maybe volunteering knight whilst her back is turned. :P


Still, could always shoot her a pm if you feel up to it, if you're looking for roleplay.


That being said, if you're ever itching for roleplay regardless of with who it is, feel free to ask! I'm usually open, if you're ever bored, especially for any sort of 1v1 or small group roleplay. :)

#54516 ayyy lmao (Life Update Thread for Everyone Who Cares)

Posted by CobsRa on 11 August 2015 - 08:39 AM

sorry for the late reply dude. I had muh birthday a few days ago, and I was tired as heck from work. 


I'm glad to hear you're doing good. I always enjoyed the heck out of talking with you and discussing pseudo-psychology :P


What do you think you'll take if you do go back to school? 


Having taken a liberal longer-than-a-week to respond myself, I think you're in the clear for late responses. Sorry about that one, I'm not quite sure where that last week went... :(


I'll just blame gremlins for now.


Also, happy-belated birthday! I don't have any presents or anything in mind, so here's a random image of a dog a co-worker showed me at work today:



Yeah, I kinda missed our discussions too. Even the personality thread in general, I just fancy that stuff, even if it is heavily critiqued (though I also love real psychology studies too). If it's any consolation, I don't think I've much reason to believe my types have swapped/changed since then, though, so... my comments there should still be vaild, as on my profile. :P


As to school... Hummm, well, I was considering doing a good lengthy streak through chemistry/biology courses (and likely math... meh) to support the kinds of degrees I'd be interested in, but after having some quality time with my eldest sister she kinda reasoned me out of it for now, that it would probably be in my best interest to find a more agreeable job to replace my bakery one. It's not necessarily a bad job, mind you, I'm just not seeing too many opportunities for advancement/training/learning there right now. That, and not having a very clear, defined academic goal set, it's probably in my best interest to keep working and saving until I find a real passion.


I will say, though, my current path is slowly steering more and more into food-orient business. I guess it's kind of appropriate given where I live... If I stick with my current job skill route I'm getting, I may even go into something to do with that instead. I'd certainly have loads of references and guides, and it'd certainly make my sister happy - getting that little near-family exemplar to show off to her own friends and co-workers and other associates from her foodie and wino congregations...


Actually, thus far, the most recommendations I've gotten is for me to study in pastries specifically, if I did pick an edible knowledge goal. Somehow my personality always struck me has having a persona deliverance of the opposite of sugary and fattening for everyone around me, though... Odd.


Ever get those moments where you just have to stop and genuinely ponder why people like you for reasons you tend to overlook (constantly) or don't understand anyhow? Now maybe you see why I linked that dog's expression. I'm afraid, nasty. So very afraid. D: :mad: 


I'd probably still study things medical/psychological to extents along the side though. I don't think those will ever fully die as interests to me, as I feel needs to explore randomly. I've, ah, *ahem*... also recently looked into books regarding social conducts and influencing people apart from those. And the fanfiction, always the nerdiest field of all. ^3^

#53760 ayyy lmao (Life Update Thread for Everyone Who Cares)

Posted by CobsRa on 30 July 2015 - 08:55 AM

Hey! I'm not the only one returned to haunt the site after all! :)


Nice to see you back, Nasty. I mean, we only really spoke a few times last year... but still good to hear you seem to be doing well all the same.


So, it's past 1:00 am while I'm typing this, so my brain is likely a little addled (or maybe more sane, depending on how you look at it). even so, I'll try to be coherent. So, uhh... Yeah, I guess to start, the site isn't exactly bustling anymore, but it isn't wholly dead too. At least not the roleplay side of things, if you ever cared about those sections. A lot of the people who were regularly on around the time I joined are still around, with a couple exceptions.


I actually left the site too, after a bit of an unpleasant scenario (which I'd rather refrain from discussing here at all). Sometime early fall/late summer last year, I think... I kinda forgot. The reasons I'd left were mostly my own doing in a lot of ways, I'd felt, but I came back to the site in recent weeks, wanting to help out with activity if possible, even if only a little.


So, apparently I'm back again too, after also being gone for several months. :wat:


Online, not a whole lot has changed in my case. Real-life is still pretty stable on my end. Favorites in music keep changing, like throughout all my life. I still have my job at that french bakery, though which stations I work have long since changed - I'm doing more production oriented things there, only working front-of-house stuff when no one else is available, which is still uncommon enough. I also got swept into working for an independent juicery, following more 'naturalistic' health trends with the process/ingredients, as a second job. Thinking I ought to get back into school soon, though, maybe even this next term...


That, or I need to stop being lame and reading so many fanfictions and spare more time for all my practical, nonfiction books here in real-life. I just need to feel that I'm learning something! :blargh:


Apart from that, not a whole lot, aside from a bunch of little things stacking up along the way. Personality-wise, I'm still the same picky, inwardly-worried, pent-up and reserved, and curious person I've been, if a little more level now. It's slow-going but I'd like to at least imagine I've been applying practices into becoming a more conscientious person, especially when it comes to conflict. Pretty sure I've made at least some headway there.


... Somewhere... :huh:


Anyway, I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty I could blather on about there, but it's late (nearing 2:00 am now - yeah, yeah, I take my time to type carefully, buck off :bemused: ) and I've still got other stuff to do before bed. Important things. Like roleplay. And fanfics. And YouTube. Hey, I need my alone time, okay? Contact with people sucks the ability to focus from me. :sadmorrissey: 


But again, glad to hear you're back! Hopefully we'll hear more from you too? I'm not sure who you might've known well, who also stayed this long. For all I know they could just be taking "breaks", if they're anything like my past self throughout my life... Either way, I'm sure you'll hear from people soon enough! I could probably name all the users I've seen on in recent weeks, if that'd be helpful or easing at all. 8D


Also, it took me 40 minutes to type this! I got really, really distracted a lot along the way! :mad:


Posted by CobsRa on 28 July 2015 - 01:42 AM

Antagonizing? In what way am I antagonizing?


I never meant to implicate you were, and I apologize if my previous post seemed very offensive at all. It's quite possible that I misspoke with that word. What I'd suggested was the temporary demeanor you seem to have adopted in your two previous posts would only prove anything but helpful. Your comment about the thread was cynical, and your remark about Flip sarcastic and disrespectful - both were rude and wholly unnecessary. You could have merely politely asked about an expected starting time for the roleplay. Commenting in the previous way is only going to cause needless stress and/or give new players some hesitance to join. If we want this roleplay to happen, why not be supportive of it instead?

I can understand wanting to play in this particular thread. I do too, especially after playing the first one, and truth be told, despite how curt I might sound in my comments here, I am glad to see that you've submitted a character, lending this to be a larger roleplay than otherwise. And if you're at all displeased with the progression of the thread thus far, then for whatever it's worth I'm sincerely sorry. knight's doing all she can about it right now, and Flip isn't the only thing she's considering, as she mentioned. Offering her a little more time, we'll see the roleplay happening. :)


Posted by CobsRa on 27 July 2015 - 11:40 AM

We're waiting on Flip? Oh man might as well freeze myself, this'll take a while.


Cut the antagonizing attitude already. Though every player is very much appreciated, no one is being forced to wait here as I'm sure there's plenty more to do in the meantime, and a little wait isn't hurting any of us in any real way. Insulting quips like that are only going to prove counterproductive towards getting the roleplay started sooner, as they'll likely only make people more hesitant to join in the first place when they see those unfriendly comments.


Flip is a busy enough person as well. Even when he is on and present, often he isn't available since he's actually working and otherwise preoccupied. There's no need to disrespect people for merely having lives.


Posted by CobsRa on 26 July 2015 - 09:50 PM



knight will be back soon enough. :)


She's had a particularly busy week and hasn't been able to be on very often. I've scarcely even seen her on Skype, as real life has seemingly devoured her time until perhaps the end of this month. I did actually speak to her a little about this thread however, and she is still intent on starting it ASAP. As far as I've seen, at least, knight has delivered in the past when it comes to roleplay, so I can't see much reason to doubt her words either.


Worry not, though! The thread will be up as earliest convenience, I'm sure. :D

#53127 A wild Tech-Priest appears!

Posted by CobsRa on 20 July 2015 - 12:34 AM

Well, hello! :D


Always glad to see a new face around here, hopefully you didn't have too much trouble on your way here. I'm sure you'll find us all a very open and receptive group, so let us/me know if you need anything during your stay! :)


In the meantime, I hope you brought your-




Posted by CobsRa on 14 July 2015 - 10:12 PM

So, after the addition of augercorn assumedly soonish, does this mean we've got enough people to start?


This actually caught on pretty quick again... :)


Posted by CobsRa on 14 July 2015 - 09:54 PM

Your opinion and concerns are valid, but calm yo tits, cobsy~  ;)


Sorry knight... You know how sensitive they can get. :(


Posted by CobsRa on 14 July 2015 - 12:50 AM



I don't mean to be overly critical, per-say, and it's honestly not my say anyhow since it's knight's roleplay, but I do have a voice a bit of a concern here.


Isn't this character a wee bit... broadly skilled? :boooring:


I know this is the FFA section, but I can't help but prospect that with the wide range of specialties and skill-sets Gigavolt has he wont encounter many difficulty zones during the roleplay. The very diverse (and admittedly seldom correlated) fields of science and knowledge, on top of entertaining (musical) and likely skills with many practical applications leaves me wondering if we'll be faced with as many fun and challenging situations/problems to solve IC. Confessedly, the suggestion about electrical energy application instills some conflict in me as well, potentially already immensely useful outside the character's other proficiencies and debatebly laying outside of canon Equestria's standards and/or even technologies ... but I suppose I ought to hold my words on that little bit given this isn't the lore section, and also that the FFA section is not so subjective to canon rules as other areas might be.


Again, I don't mean to be neigh-saying or even rude by mentioning any of this, and I'm very happy and appreciative to see another app posted for a thread I'm really anticipating after playing in the original... I merely offer that the roleplay environment may be enriched if what I aforementioned was tuned a little. :)


These are only suggestions though. knight has the final administrative say, obviously.