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Sybin, the Platinum Princess

17 August 2017 - 08:15 AM

Sybin, the Platinum Princess

This is a draft for a possible version of my character. Her name and colouring are all references to cobalt, the only naturally occurring isotope to reference her non-alicorn-yet-still-a-ruler-status. The only physical change is that her crystalline coat looks richer as if she is made of precious gems--hence the platinum and gold related themes. She is my character in my campaign in the Deep Woods, but I am trying to come up with a new canon compatible setting that other roleplayers could play in. This is thus both to give you an idea about her, but moreso in order to explain the setting.

Roleplay Area: Free For All though perhaps eligible for LOE RP
Name: Sybin
Sex: Mare
Age: 34
Species: Crystal pony genetically, but referred to as a platinum pony
Eye Color: light red

or Cobalt Green

Skin Color(s): cobalt blue
Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style: silvery grey

Physique: A bit emaciated, but slowly gaining some meat on her bones
Cutie Mark: rainbow light hitting a prism in order to become one white light
Residence: the Greenbelt
Occupation: colonist, soldier, and keeper of the local Golden Heart
Personality a bit too serious after Sombra's reign, but rapidly mellowing out

Platinum ponies are not another sub-species of ponies, but a title given to rulers of earth pony kingdoms; in this case, the sermi-permanent ruler of the Greenbelt. It's a tradition that has been continued since ancient times, and Equestrian scholars might know the name from the hearth's warming eve story, where Princess Platinum was the last pre-Equestrian ruler. When the Wendigoes made life unbearable and forced a massive exodus, not all ponies settled in Equestria. Some had already left beforehand, and others had become isolated due to the heavy snow. One of these groups founded the Crystal Empire and decided to get their own version of unicorn royalty, though one that is democratically chosen and is a chancellor in all but name. Not knowing about alicorns yet, primitive Earth ponies never really got why ruler would be anything but a job like a mayor.

When the Crystal Empire returned after its thousand year's banishment, it was in need of resources to help rebuild the lands outside of the capital, but didn't have the numbers nor drive to colonize the lands around them. Some ponies wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of modern Equestria settled in the Greenbelt, the area South East of the Empire, against the mountains separating it from Equestria. Plagued by bandits, they requested aid from the Crystal Empire, and received it. In the typical Win-Win fashion of ponies, the Empire lend them some soldiers and a means to set up a lesser Crystal Heart--a Golden Heart. With the area secure, more settlers can expand the little colony which in turn will give the Empire somepony close by to trade wood and other resources with.

Sybin uses a form of crystal farming, but to grow a magical mineral, gold. Even though valuables are common enough that they are eaten by several species, gold and gems always remain valuable because they are also constantly used up as nourishment or as reagents for magic. The precise mechanics of the alchemical processes that tend to the Golden Heart are not known to unicorn scholars as it's based upon the same magicks that let earth ponies grow crops and rocks. What is known are many of the results. A Golden Heart does not have the power to radiate a protective barrier like the Crystal Heart, nor is it an actual force of love. Instead, it is related to the concept of Gold. A golden heart and a golden future, that is what the Golden Heart promotes. While it can't actually ward of evil or control the weather, it does seem to bring good luck to everypony near it, and they can feel the contributions of everypony in the heart. Said contributions come in the form of "Valuables". The Heart needs a constant supply of things that ponies value, be it literally by infusing it with valuable objects, or by having festivals around it and being in a place that ponies value for being their home. Under its protection, ponies always seem to have the upper hand in skirmishes with monsters, and manage to have the good luck to drive off or even befriend wild life and strangers. Finally, its keeper, the Platinum Princess, can gather gold dust of it and use it in a manner similar to zebra shamans their powders in order to create certain magical effects.

Its current keeper is Sybin, a soldier of the Crystal Empire. She was called towards a little settlement to help protect it against local threats. She takes her job seriously--too seriously even--but now that the Golden Heart is set up, she can finally relax and begin to enjoy the perks of her job. She is currently the acting ruler of the new little land in spe, but has no actual official authority because there is no government yet. It is very likely that she will stand back if an official ruler is chosen, though she will tend to the Golden Heart until it is no longer needed.

Like all known Crystal Ponies, she was enslaved by Sombra, and just a regular civilian until after the banishment. Her military training is very basic, and she was send out into the field as soon as possible. Her magic is the regular earth pony magic that slowly pours out of every pony without a magical focus, and strengthens their surroundings, slowly connecting to and improving the land around them. While this effect is usually too passive to be noticed, over time a massive improvement can be seen, especially if there is a large amount of earth ponies. Like the old farmer's wisdom goes, something made with love is always special, and that is not limited to cooking. Crops grow magically fast and strong when tended to with love, minerals develop fast enough that they can be grown like crops, and earth ponies can even influence how and where the growth happens. Things can be grown to extreme sizes, or even in certain shapes such as 2 saplings twisting around each other in a loving eternal embrace, or crystals shaped like a house--if the pony has talent, skills, but most of all the emotions for such things. In Sybin's case, it is mostly directed towards the Golden Heart.

Ever since gaining the rank of Platinum Pony, she has been slowly growing into a paragon of earth pony kind. Healthy, strong, and tall, her fur radiates with a golden and platinum shine beyond that of a regular crystal pony, and this is what made ponies call Platinum Ponies as a sort of subspecies. It's not as drastic as becoming an alicorn, but it's a marked change and why they are called such instead of "crystal pony".

Whatever challenges her new home faces, Sybin will be among the first to respond. She has enough common sense to help and guide the ponies around her, but refers to others for anything she needs help with. She may even be too referential, and upon her arrival seemed to regard herself as only a soldier who left the running of the settlement and even the details of its protection to whomever was available. A shield, not a sword or a shovel, she stood back and let others do their thing. Seeing the need for somepony to take charge, she took the lead and is not really comfortable in that role.