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#28845 Remakes

Posted by Fable_Aquas on 28 June 2014 - 11:53 AM

It Depends on what's remade, if its an older game like 10 years like the Kingdom Hearts games or like PS1 games and the like (REALLY want to see a Shining Force Remake)

As a Huge Fanboy of the Kingdom Hearts Series, I Like what Tetsuya is doing with the PS3 releasing the Remixes of the older games to get new fans hyped for KH3 and the Old Fans like me the Ability to play the Final Mix versions like Japan got a year or so after release of the original


What i don't like is games that came out within the last 5 years like Tomb Raider being remade for the New Consoles, that's what Backwards Compatibility is for! Dumb decisions by the companies don't help sales, a lot of people liked the Wii and Wii U for the ability to play the previous Console games, Heck the Wii U has a functioning Wii Menu Built in and i love playing Xenoblade Chronicles on it, That was one reason i even bought a Wii U was that ability, it helps out the console in the long run and i Respect Nintendo for keeping Consoles for Videogames People say the Wii U is a Flop, mostly from bad advertisments and the fact that they released it a bit early but its a solid Console, Because it Respects Videogames to stay a Videogame Console (plus the Gamepad is an awesome TV Remote to switch Inputs)


Posted by Fable_Aquas on 26 June 2014 - 02:46 PM

Okay, Nightmare Moon wasn't even a leader of anything! Queen Chrysalis should have totally stayed in longer than that Emo Luna Wannabe. Just saying. Now for the voting...


GTFO Nightmare Moon!!! Calling upon the Elements of Harmony to make it so.

Earth ;)

Fire :D

Wind :cool:

Water :charm:

Heart :squee:

By your powers combined, she is TWILIGHT SPARKLE! D:

~Twilight Sparkle, she's a hero. Gonna take the Nightmare down to zero~!

Oops... Sorry, wrong show. Anyway, end result is a rainbow lightshow that defeats Nightmare Moon, so she's not in this anymore. At least that's my vote.

Im sorry but that made me laugh so hard