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Music that go with video games

29 June 2013 - 08:42 AM

now this topic is what it says 


Music that go with video games


 but this will be different this music fits certain times in a game or just a games feel or something else and i must say some of them are strange. pop music, techno, and even anime music fits well to certain times.


this will be all links to videos of the music by the way



music for last stands or final battles or just times in games where its like "this is it..only one of us will walk away from this"


examples: ME2 Suicide mission, red dead redemption's final mission


note: its mainly the chorus that i get into..the main rap parts are...ehh okay.





music for a game that gives you a feeling of nothing wil be the same anymore, like post apocolipse games or sci fi games.

examples: assassins creed, fallout games, about a thousand others.





now this next one..its hard to really place..it just hold that special something..this song is like any jrpg boss that is hard and you beat and this is the music that plays, or a really good combo in a fighting game,


examples: i got nothing..judge as you may





this next one is summed up in one word Anarchy. or change based on what you think..


examples: red faction guerrilla, saints row the third, any game with revolution or anarchy as a sort of theme.




note: the quality of this one is iffy.its hard to find



the next one is a generally uplifting song in my opinion and is more about rising to overwhelming odds and coming out on top one way or another.


examples: halo reach, remember me, plenty of others probably






this next one is similar to a couple others on this list. 


examples: Assassins creed 3, fallout 3, any games about homecoming i guess...i just like how it sounds really.





the next one is a interesting hopful song about exploration


 Examples: open world games, sci fi games, games that like players to discover





this one here it reminds me of two old mercenary on different sides who gotta kill each other now.. so..umm yeah


Examples: a dual in a game or in anything really





this one has a mix of a few other songs again. songs about never giving up, fighting, and fighting until one falls.


examples: assassins creed, halo reach, you get the idea.





this one is from another game i know but its so funny and awesome at the same time.. it gets you pumped like it tells you.


things just got real 


examples: any fighting game, any action platformer






i think thats good for now..now if these links don't work or something like that tell me, or if you have questions ,comments, or songs you wanna add just go right ahead i don,t mind in the slightest.





E3 Thoughts

13 June 2013 - 11:22 PM

while i have not watched or went to e3 i did hear alot about it.and im wondering if anyone has their own thoughts on it.

Call of Juarez discussion with spoilers

11 June 2013 - 05:05 AM

*Warning* spoilers if you don't want the game spoiled don't look *warning*


i personally like the series call of Juarez it may be mediocre but its not bad.. gunslinger is by far the best game in the series though. and i wanna discuss it



so why is it a Call of Juarez game ehh? if it has nothing to do with the gold of Juarez or its curse you say? Wrong!.. during about the midpoint in a flash back to Silas Grieves reason for revenge he wins in a high stakes game of poker and receives a seemingly random piece of Spanish gold..the bad things start to happen.   that gold piece is actually a piece of the Juarez gold and Silas jsut happens to have been cursed. so i shall open with this then we can go onto the actual story.



State of decay impressions/tips/complaints

09 June 2013 - 05:48 PM

i have been playing it..and i frankly thinks its good and am looking forward to undead labs in the industry. but i must say the game an't perfect and could always need work.


so i made a thread to discuss it.


so one thing that irks me is that despite useing a car you cannot put rucksacks in like the back of a truck or in the trunk of a car.


and..i get a semi dead rising feel..with the whole ..can't slow down or feeling like that... like time is not your side which is true. but i wanna say that its got alot of different zombie game feels.


so i will open with that.

rp anyone?

04 June 2013 - 04:46 AM

anyone wanna rp?..i have a idea i wanna try out..


it would be one on one... in messages preferably..  


so uhh message me if your interestind and wanna see the idea...its sorta spacific and not everyone will like it.. so..uhh jsut ask if u wanna  8D