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Forecast [FINAL]

18 January 2015 - 09:36 PM

Roleplay Area: LoE


Name: Forecast (nickname "Stormkicker")


Sex: Male


Age: Colt (13)


Species: Pegasus


Eye Color: Ice Blue


Skin Color(s): Light Teal


Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style: A long, teal fringe that curves over his right eye, with an orange hairbow on the other side just below his ear. The back of the mane is spiked upward toward the fringe. the tail is short and smooth, in two large spikes.


Physique: Forecast is of average build for his age, if anything slightly slimmer and taller than most colts, giving him a slightly mare-esque appearance. His wings are well-developed and powerful considering he is still young and his legs are strong from years of cloud-kicking. He trains vigorously with adult pegasi and is always up for participating in a flying race.


Cutie Mark: A stormcloud with a grey lightning bolt beneath it.




Residence: Officially, he lives in a cosy house with a unicorn couple and their filly in Ponyville, but he spends most of his time in his own small, self-made cloud tent above the town.


Occupation: Pupil at the Ponyville Schoolhouse


Personality: His difficult past means this young colt has had some struggles and it has taken him a while to come out of his shell and revert back to his old, mischievous self. While bold, witty and kind, Forecast can also sometimes come off as rude or smug. He is often pulling pranks and is somewhat of a class clown who gets his kicks from making others laugh. When he’s not busy, he spends his time lying in the clouds and keeping the skies clear to prevent any bad storms. He also has a soft side, which usually only comes out when he is alone.


History: Back then, maybe four years ago or more, little Forecast had everything. His small, close-knit family; a mother, father, younger brother called Thunderhoof and elder sister known as Azure Skies, lived in a small cloud cottage high above the fields. He had the strongest wings all his friends, and was a proud member of the cloud-kicker club (a few pegasi foals who competed regularly to clear the skies or make cool weather patterns) and was able to fly all the way to school whilst Thunder had to ride on his father’s back. At school, he was well known for playing the clown and frequently got himself (and his friends) into trouble with his mostly light-hearted pranks. 


That all changed when the storm came. There was no indication that the clouds were going to bring anything but a light rain, and there was no point in finding shelter for a little shower. Forecast, his little brother and his best friend, Firecracker, were wandering around Cloudsdale – it was the biggest town near their home – when the sky got darker.
“It’s gonna rain...” groaned Firecracker.
“Who cares? A little rain never hurt anypony!” Forecast had replied with a confident grin. But with the rain came a strong wind, which got stronger and stronger until they could barely stay on the ground.

“We’ve gotta get inside!” Thunder had cried. The sky grew even darker and the rain began to lash down at them, so Forecast admitted defeat. But before they could gallop to safety, the clouds began to drift apart, and the two colts were separated from little Thunderhoof.

A kindly mare popped out of her cloud-top home and called out, “Boys, what in Equestria are you doing stood out there? Come inside, quick!”
“C’mon, Forecast!” Firecracker shouted over the storm.
“You’re crazy if you think I’m leaving him out here!”
“I’m sorry pal, but if you try to save him, you’ll just end up in the same state – or worse!” Firecracker replied before darting into the mare’s house. That was the last thing he’d ever say to the colt.
“Forecast! Help!” cried the younger pony as the patch of cloud he was hanging onto was carried away by the winds.
“Hang on!” he yelled, kicking off from the safe cloud and forcing his wings to push him toward his brother. He managed to grab the edge of the cloud and kicked his legs to keep himself from falling.
“C’mon, you’ve got to be brave!” Forecast called, hanging onto the edge of the cloud and beating his wings. The foal managed to move across the little cloud and help his brother onto the top.
“Now fly, as hard as you can. We’ve got to ride this cloud home!”
Determined to get him to safety, Forecast mustered every bit of strength he could find to push the two of them toward their little cloud cottage.


“Oh thank Celestia you’re alright!” cried their mother, helping Thunderhoof from their little cloud and into the safety of their house. The rain had lightened up for a moment and the roaring thunder had hushed.
“It was amazing Ma, you should have seen it! I was really brave and-”

Forecast never got to hear the end of his brother’s sentence. In an instant, the howling winds and the pounding rain returned, twice as strong as before. The cloud he was stood on was rushed away, tugged backward into the eye of the storm and leaving the foal hanging in the air.
“Forecast!” yelped his mother, voice muffled by the storm, reaching out for him. With all his might, the colt pushed himself forward, the rain splattering in his face and the wind pulling on his mane. “I can’t!” he shouted, still beating those little wings as hard as he could. With all his energy used, one more angry gust of wind threw him away. As he fell, his aching hooves reached up toward his home, toward his family, but they were so far away now. A thick cloud broke his fall, but his family were long gone. He was all alone, and the storm was stronger than ever. Hooves firmly on the ground, he found himself pushing through a thick, dark forest. There were eyes alight in caves and strange noises from creatures in the bushes, and the trees stared down at him with gaping, hungry mouths. Fear spurring him on, Forecast galloped all of the way out of the woods.


From the edge of the woods, the weary young colt could see a town. Safety from this cruel storm! As much as his poor legs were aching, he galloped the rest of the way. He was noticed by a stallion who was looking through a window at the awful weather. “Come in! Quick!” he shouted, beckoning the colt with an outstretched hoof. Without any hesitation Forecast hurried toward him and into his small house. He barely got in the door before his legs couldn’t take any more and he fell on his side. “You poor, poor pony...” he said in a hushed voice. That was the last thing Forecast could remember before it all went dark.


He woke up in a warm, comfortable place. All thoughts of the disaster were forgotten, and he stretched his back with a mighty yawn. “Thunder, you up for a game of-” when he opened his eyes, he didn’t see his brother. Or his home. He was in a room with two small beds, that didn’t look like his cloud cottage at all. Rubbing his eyes with a hoof, he threw himself out of bed and staggered toward the window. Outside, ponies were rushing around with baskets and bags, and several homes had been damaged. The events of the previous night came flooding back to him. He had to find his family!

“I’ve gotta go! My family, they’ll be so worried-” Forecast stuttered. The kindly couple – the stallion had a wife – nodded understandingly and handed him an old, beaten saddlebag.
“This was on your back last night, Colt,” explained the stallion. He handed it over. Forecast opened it carefully and peered inside. There was nothing of use in there, just some prank-pulling materials, a stick of celery and- his sister’s orange hairbow. He held it in his hoof and gazed at it, his stomach in knots. He had been wearing it for her, because she’d always said how much he suited bows, but he’d taken it off as soon as Firecracker showed up. A new emotion taking over him, the colt stuck the bow in his mane and bucked the bag onto his back. He thanked the couple, then headed outside, and kicked up into the air.
“You’re always welcome here,” called the mare, waving him goodbye.


Finding his family wasn’t as easy as he’d thought. He was flying through the sky for hours, many miles away from the town. But he didn’t even know if he was going in the right direction – it all seemed useless. His wings were tired and he was still beaten from the storm, so he sat on a wispy cloud and snacked on his celery stick. He would find them, of course. He knew he would. Just, maybe not right now. He wondered if they were looking for him. A smile crossed his face as he remembered that he saved Thunderhoof; and he was glad it was him stuck down here, rather than his naïve little brother. After a while, the colt decided to head down to the ground and found himself walking back through the streets of Ponyville by sundown, his body and mind weary. The houses all looked the same, and he couldn’t track down that couple’s place. Each step was getting harder and harder, and he could barely move. He slipped just outside of the village and into the barn he’d seen on his way in, sneaking into the place and burying down in the hay.


He woke up sore and still half-asleep, but he knew he had to get out of the barn before he was caught. Thankfully, when he got back to the town, he was in the right place at the right time. “Hey!”
Forecast recognised the voice; it was the stallion from before. He spun round to see the friendly-faced earth pony waving a hoof at him. He’d never been so grateful.


Finally safe, the reality of what happened had only just hit him. What if he’d never see his family again?While Forecast stared down at his hooves, the couple were introducing themselves. The mare was called Petal Pink and the stallion Bloomberg and together they ran a florists on the other side of town. They had a little daughter, Cherry Blossom. All of this seemed so pointless to tell him; he was planning to go home as soon as he could.

After a moment’s silence, the mare spoke up. “Do you have a name?”
“Y-yeah,” he said, “I’m Forecast.”
“I see. From your name and your cutie mark, I see you’re a fan of the weather.” replied the stallion, eyeing his flank.
“Cutie mark!?” Forecast gasped, craning his neck to get a look. It was blank the last time he checked, but now it had a picture of a storm cloud with a lightning bolt. He must’ve got it from saving his brother! He stared slack-jawed. Just like that, he had been given his destiny... in the form of a mark that would always remind him of the storm that ruined everything.


The kindly florist couple took him in – just for a couple days, until he found his family - and he soon met their daughter. She was quiet and cheerful, and Forecast took a liking to her. He didn’t like to dwell on the fact she reminded him of his own little brother. Every day the colt went up to the sky to continue his search, and every day he came back to Ponyville empty-hoofed. But his hopes to get home were still as strong as they were on Day 1. Eventually - after a bit of struggling from the colt - he was signed up to Ponyville’s town school, where he was quickly popular as the cool new Pegasus. From his cutie mark, he was given the nickname "Stormkicker" and he told other foals how he saved his brother and survived the fall into Everfree forest, and how his family were still searching for him. As time went on, he grew to like the town and its ponies as if they were his home, and was really brought out of his shell by a small group of accepting friends. Years passed, and he began to accept the reality of his new life. He settled in and slowly went back to his old mischievous self, enjoyed lounging on low clouds and keeping storms at bay. He was a normal colt now, like everypony else his age. But all this time had passed, and he had never once taken off his sister’s orange bow.


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Zeall's Art

14 January 2015 - 06:08 PM

I've filled up the gallery with a lot of pony art, but I figured it would be nice to keep it all together in this here little thread. I'll make a new post for each new drawing, but for now here's my latest stuffs :3











Brony Behind The Computer

11 January 2015 - 07:53 PM

Sort of stealing this from another forum, but it was a really interesting thread. All you do is post a photo of yourself and maybe a lil intro to you, if you want! Shall I start? Alrighty...




Yeah, this is me. Posing, as usual. Your turn! :D

Next person game!

11 January 2015 - 09:58 AM

Forum games :D
So person 1 says a random fact, eg "next person ships flutterdash" and the next person to post says if it's true or not, along with another fact. 

Next person loves fanfics...

Hello everypony!

10 January 2015 - 10:24 PM

Hi, my name's Luke. I came from Canterlot, and I am terrible at introductions... here to hopefully make some new friends  ^3^