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The Ninth Age.

21 September 2015 - 10:04 PM

The city of glass and synth Chiaroscuro, A musical city where the wind itself is the player of this massive and beautiful thing which happens to be the ruins of a long forgotten people who seemed to build these cities in an effort to impress some sort of being. The colors and the trade here are some of the most vivid and enigmatic things this age has seen when it was discovered many years ago and turned into one of the most prosperous places in this world, but it's not without its woes, bandits make their homes outside this realm and attack caravans that attempt to make it through to the city. You came here because of many factors, but one thing is certain there is work to be done and there are guilds and town criers and the like advertising these jobs. There is one that sounds more intriguing than the other's. as you hear it there seems to be a meeting taking place for this job in the guild they will take anyone with combat experience or is hardy enough to last in the jungles to the east.


A man standing roughly six foot something introduces himself as Graven head of the guard in Chiaroscuro  "As it stands right now, we don't know much about the situation besides the fact that our water supply is in danger and we need to act fast, It is believed the numenera has a hand in this, but there is hope in stopping this an old amber citadel member lives near that town ... she may be able to stop it." He hands you this strange device that begins to speak to you and it speaks as follows.


"Glory to those of you who troubleshoot this massive and hostile world, we have needed of your services as we are but simple people and cannot afford to lose any more people to this plague". "You are probably aware by now that this village is in dire need to be saved for we are one of two farming communities we are under duress by an unseen threat, while mining in the great creators massive chest cavity a few of the farmers began to lose their hair and then slowly began to complain of breathing issues and now it has claimed its first life". "We had tried to please the great creator by rebuilding his wound, but nothing calms his anger and now we call on those who are not frightened by that which we do not understand". "there is one who knows much more about the great creators then even we do, but she lives far into the jungles to the west of here we ask that you escort him here ... as for payment we do not have much coin, but the raw material we have found can fetch a high price to the merchants in the city from where you came from".


"That's all" he takes the device back and calls in a man "We have a guide ready for your safe travel as well as A covered wagon drawn by A aneen, but this is all we can give you for this situation" The man who is introduced as Kreval speaks little and seems very out of place in this city, he wears little color and seems more at home on the jungle and even less civil places then that. Kreval will shake your hand, but is hard to converse with outside of simple gestures.


"If you have anymore questions let's hear them now"

Dice roller

21 September 2015 - 08:52 AM

is it possible to have one built in?

The Ninth Age.

07 September 2015 - 02:21 AM

The Catechism of Lore:
All glory to the originators of truth and understanding.
Praise to the innovators of steel and synth.
Praise to the shapers of flesh, of bone, and of mind.
Glory to those who re-sculpted the sustaining earth and the life-giving sun.
Praise to the senders of signals, who even now whisper into machine ears and give life to the inanimate.
Praise to those who traveled to the stars, and the realms beyond the stars.
All glory to the originators of truth and understanding.
Let us then resume the recitation of the Sacred Chronicle of High Father Calaval, Amber Pope and founder of the Citadel
of the Conduit and the Order of Truth, as written by his grandniece, Doroa of the Silent Song:
The ninth age is one of mystery and wonder many things lie within the dust and air that we cannot understand for to us the old world is that of fantasy. Objects that fly like birds and those that swim through the sand and stone like fish in the vast oceans and those that do things to us that cause us to quarantine or exterminate entire villages. Is that a mountain? or some god once worshiped long ago, machines litter the world's surface and those that still run under the ground and some that even build, but it is all alien to us we can only understand vary few things and even then it's not their main purpose a man may use this item as a bomb, but what if once it was used to power something?
You who are players in this game are special by accident or training you can do things others cannot like bathe your body in fire that doesn't harm you and burns those you wish. those who defy gravity and those who make wonders with their hands or mundane skills that took many years to train and only because of a master whose ways are alien to the mundane.
This is a System called Numenera, it is a very simple and smooth tabletop game that is quite easy to do in a forum setting and all you need to do is describe your character such as "A strong glaive who wields power with precision" but that is only one of many combinations that are in the book, If you would like a list of these I can pm it to you.   
the core book can be found here. https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing