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I really wanna RP with somepony!

22 May 2016 - 12:59 AM

I want to RP using Kirina, but Nopony is on. Anypony wanna give her a chance?


Kirina "Kira" Drymira

22 May 2016 - 12:31 AM

Roleplay Area: FFA
Name: Kirina "Kira" Drymira
Sex: Mare/Dragoness
Age: Body, Mare. Mind, Filly.
Species: Drymira
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Skin Color(s): Black and Red scales. Aqua coloured wings.
Physique: Shes about Eight feet long and shes three feet wide , Four feet tall on all fours, has Claws on her hooves, A twenty foot long prehensile tail with a scissor like tip, a ten foot wingspan, Earfins, a foot long three pronged toung, and two curved horns that are about a foot long. Eventually she can use magic.
Cutie Mark: None at start of RP
Residence: None at start of RP
Occupation: Wanderer
Personality: Curious to a fault, Naïve, Generous, outgoing, overly friendly, constantly sniffing out and eating gems due to her Dragons greed, to counter that she gives all her new friends gems.
Back story: It is unknown how Kirina, a.k.a. Kira was born. Some believe she is a gift of Faust. Others say she will destroy all. A few even claim she is a magical experiment that shouldn't exist. But none of the matters now. Kirina exists and will show the world why.

All Kira knows, is that she woke up to exist one day. She has no memory of a true foalhood. Being the size she is, most tend to mistake her for a young mare and not the foalish filly she actually is.

From the time she woke, she has always been able to sniff out any kind of gem. It doesn't matter how deep or what encases it, naturally. Kira will attempt to dig it up and most of the time eat it. She uses broken speech most of the time and is almost always adding Hmm? to it.

Kirina, being a New species, doesn't know what she can do. She has strong defensive scales, a dragon's breath, an ever shifting internal and external elemental nature (This also affects what Dragon's breath weapon she uses.), She has claws on her four hooves that can dig through most materials, she has a very long prehensile tail (That can lift a gem half her size. She has been known to pick up a fully grown pony with it.), a scissor like tip on the very end of said tail (that can cut up even diamonds with ease.).

Despite her more draconic look, she is actually only part dragon. She also has traits of a pony(Any type), serpent or lizard, Griffin and several other known Equestrian creatures. This gives her a very adaptable nature and ability set. Magic is not easy to learn for her, but the effects can be quite interesting.

The reason she wanders is most ponies think she's there to hurt them based on looks alone. She doesn't let this bother her though. She moves on in search of something or somepony to call friend.


Back Slash

10 February 2016 - 07:29 AM

Roleplay Area: FFA
Name: Back Slash
Sex: Male
Age: Colt
Species: Pegasi
Eye Color: Red with slitted pupils
Skin Color(s): Dark Blue with red markings on his hooves
Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style: Red and black mane and tail, mane style Vinyl Scratch tail style Spitfire.
Physique: Athletic
Cutie Mark: A Masamuné sword.
Residence: A large tree in the Everfree.
Occupation: Jobless
Personality: Kind, caring, Loyal to the point of getting into harms way to protect those he cares about and anypony that doesn't deserve getting hurt. Has leadership potential but denies it. Usually a lone wolf, as in he prefers to do things alone so Nopony else gets hurt. Has a Russian Accent.
Back story: Born in Cloudsdale, Slash grew up in a house on the outskirts of Cloudsdale. He was a pretty bad colt, didn't listen, got into fights, etc etc. The day of the Canterlot wedding incident, his house was attacked as well. Chrysalis had sent one of her best warriors to claim a very special sword that Slashes father, Double Slash, had acquired on his adventures. The sword had a unique ability. It nullified magic. The Changeling, Void, killed his parents and tried to take the sword. It instantly cut him from the hive mind, he noticed Slash running away but did not follow. For he now had free will. He left the sword there. Regaining the hive mind but severing it himself and tried to find Slash who had disappeared. Slash jumped off of Cloudsdale and glided towards Ponyville. He found a tall tree and made a camp in it. From there he only ever went into Ponyville to find food. He kept to himself and usually dug in the garbage. He idolizes Rainbow Dash and naturally has a massive Crush on her. There was even a time when she was napping on a cloud that he had cleared the rest of the clouds for her. Though she never knew and not many ponies saw him do it.

I usually have him start around this point. In my Skype RPs he is Dashes Stallionfriend. But this is in the ones I GM. So I don't have to add it if its not wanted. Hope you like him!




10 February 2016 - 03:33 AM

Hai! I'm Swaggy! Pleased Tu meet yeu all! *Dances adorably* Su much better than MLPF!