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Asbel Lhant

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Starbright Glow

30 August 2018 - 03:55 AM

Roleplay Area: FFA
Name: Starbright Gleam
Sex: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Unicorn
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color(s): Medium Blue
Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style: Dark Blue
Physique: Fit
Cutie Mark: An occultic symbol representing her talent for witchcraft
Residence: A creepy castle
Occupation: Sorceress
Personality: Arrogant, Ruthless, Coldblooded, Sadistic,
History: Starbright Gleam is a wicked sorceress who rules over Demon Castle in The Dark Woods with an Iron Hoof. She is waited on by her living puppets and mannequins that she keeps as her thralls. She is also a devout worshipper and follower of Princess Malice.


Alignment: Evil Horns.png


Starbright is a powerful sorceress. A highly skilled and dangerous foe. She can wield elemental magic and the arcane arts.

Dollmancy: Starbright can trap a pony's soul in a doll such as puppets and mannequins and the like, and rob them of their mind making them her thrall that is forced to do her bidding.


Nothing notable



Professor Greymatter

27 August 2018 - 10:35 AM

Roleplay Area: FFA
Name: Professor Greymatter
Sex: Male
Age: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color(s): Caucasian
Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style: Brown
Physique: Average male Unicorn
Cutie Mark: A beaker representing his talent as a scientist.
Residence: A Laboratory out in the boonies
Occupation: Scientist and Inventor
Personality: Intellectual, Goodnatured, Kind, Hardworking
History: Professor Greymatter is a scientist who uses his knowledge for the good of ponykind. He was a prodigy as a colt who passed both school and college when he was only around the age of The CMCs and Button Mash.


Alignment: GoodHalo.png


Incredible Intelligence:
Professor Greymatter's brain is no doubt his greatest asset. He has invented many things to help ponykind over his career as a scientist and inventor. He became the first pony to introduce modern technology to Equestria. Such as the Television, The Telephone, and more.

Master Hacker: Professor Greymatter can hack even the most heavily secured and complicated electronic systems if he needs to.

Master Inventor: Professor Greymatter's genius lets him invent many things to help ponies. Ranging from gadgets, gizmos, robots and even to medicines that can cure otherwise incurable diseases and machines that can prevent natural disasters from occurring.


His many inventions:
Professor Greymatter has many inventions in his lab that he can use for a myriad of things.



Brimming Courage

25 November 2017 - 02:02 PM

Roleplay Area: Land of Equestria
Name: Brimming Courage
Sex: Male
Age: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color(s): Tan
Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style: Fiery
Physique: Lean
Cutie Mark: A shield crest representing his talent as a knight and a guardian who protects.
Residence: Canterlot
Occupation: Knight
Personality: Noble, Kind-hearted, Chivalrous, Determined, But also a bit brash and impulsive at times.
History: The younger brother of Burning Valor. He aspires to become "a warrior among warriors". He holds his older brother Burning Valor in a regard that is higher than that which he holds for anyone else, and is the only one whom he has seen as an equal and a superior other than the princesses. Brimming is always training and working hard to better himself to try to live up to the legend that his brother Burning Valor is but despite all his efforts he remains in his brother's shadow, often being a liability in any real fight.


Alignment: GoodHalo.png


Rookie Combatant: Brimming Courage is an inexperienced but capable fighter.


A giant gold shield: Brimming carries a large shield which can be used for both attack and defense but is best suited for defense.


Brash Thickheadedness: Brimming Courage is impulsive and often rushes head on into battle engaging opponents who are out his league and suffering humiliating defeat in the process.

Crescent Odachi

24 November 2017 - 07:11 PM

Roleplay Area: FFA
Name: Crescent Odachi
Sex: Male
Age: Stallion
Species: Hybrid Pony
Eye Color: Orange
Skin Color(s): Tan
Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style: Orange
Physique: Lean but muscular
Cutie Mark: A crescent moon with a sword representing a magical style of swordsmanship.
Residence: Canterlot Lunar Guard Barracks
Occupation: Samurai
Personality: Crescent is stubborn, short-tempered, strong-willed, and impulsive. Despite claiming not to care about what other ponies think about him, he attempts to maintain a detached and "cool" image. His outspoken, hot-headed demeanor is a trait Crescent himself has acknowledged, and if somepony picks a fight with him, he cannot help fighting back.
History: Crescent Odachi was always special from the day of his birth. Because he is a mix of a half-blood demon pony and an Alicorn. He is the son of Princess Luna and Captain Nightshadow of The Lunar Guard.


Alignment: GoodHalo.png


Spiritual Awareness:
Since he was a colt, Crescent has had an innate ability to see, hear, smell and touch spiritual beings such as ghosts and other supernatural beings and creatures and sense their presence.

Master Swordsman: Crescent was born and bred to be a samurai. He inherited his father's skill with a blade creating a variant of the fighting style by combining it with his mother's magic making him an extremely powerful and dangerous combatant. He has an attack called the Lunar Fang that sends forth a powerful red shockwave that can cleave a mountain in half by swinging his sword forward. He can make this shockwave attack turn black and become even more powerful by tapping into The Nightmare Force and infusing it's power into the attack with it then becoming the Eclipse Fang.

Unnatural Physiology: Crescent is unlike other ponies because he is a mix of an Alicorn and a demon-pony hybrid. He's stronger than a normal Earth Pony, Faster than a normal Pegasus, And more magical than a normal Unicorn.

Flight: Crescent is able to fly just as well as a Pegasus by using magic. He can also stand on the clouds in Cloudsdale without needing assistance.

Inner Nightmare Force: The Nightmare Force that once corrupted Princess Luna turning her into Nightmare Moon was passed down to Crescent. However, he is able to harness and control it's power using it to his advantage in battle. By tapping into the Nightmare Force's power, Crescent's eyes change color with the whites turning red and the irises turning blue with slit pupils. And he gains an exponential boost in power to his magic as well as all of his physical stats.


A Magical Black Katana:
Crescent wields a magical black katana known as Soulslayer that is capable of killing and banishing the supernatural. The blade was forged from Princess Luna's own horn as the ore for it's core. (She was however able to get her horn restored after this was done) The sword is a weapon worthy of legends and is impervious to rust, corrosion and any form of damage.


Magic Negation: Crescent loses all of his magical abilities for a period of time if he passes through a magic negation field.

Magic Absorption: Beings such as Tirek and The Storm King are capable of taking away Crescent's magic and leaving him in a helpless state.

Fatigue: Crescent's most powerful technique The Final Lunar Eclipse Fang costs him all of his magical abilities for 24 hours if he uses it.


Nightshadow is the OC of a friend of mine. And we both really liked the idea of Crescent being the son of him and Luna so we went with that when I made this character.

Geist Phantasmas

23 November 2017 - 09:05 PM

Roleplay Area: FFA
Name: Geist Phantasmas
Sex: Male
Age: Stallion
Species: Ghost
Eye Color: Ghostly White
Skin Color(s): Green
Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style: Messy
Physique: Lean
Cutie Mark: Spectral Flames
Residence: Varies
Occupation: None
Personality: Annoying and Very Mischievous
History: Geist Phantasmas is a mischievous ghost who has long since forgotten his name. Little is known about him other than the fact that while he was alive he was a prankster. He was banned from entering both Heaven and Tartarus forever. And his spirit was bound to roam Equestria unable to pass on to the afterlife for all eternity.


Alignment: Neutral 45px-Neutral.png


Geist cannot be seen or heard by the living because he is a ghost.

Intangibility: Any solid mass passes through Geist because he is a ghost. Making physical attacks useless against him.

Possession: Geist is able to possess the living and take control of their body, mind and actions. He can also speak through them like a puppet.

Illusionary Manifestation: Geist can choose to make himself visible to the five senses of the living when he wants to.




Anything that harms ghosts