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[Final] Prince Carrion

20 July 2017 - 08:33 AM

Roleplay Area: FFA
Name: Prince Carrion
Sex: Male
Age: Stallion (Deceased)
Species: Lich
Eye Color: Vermillion (but with more orange than red)
Skin Color(s): Dark Grey
Mane/Tail Color(s) & Style: Flame like long white and dark cerulean tips and a flaming bright green tail that stretches down to the floor.
Physique: About as tall as Princess Cadence, but looking very gaunt and emaciated, his flesh rotting in places and his eyes sunken in, hooves cracked and horn slightly fractured at the tip. He wears an dark thorn crown with a single onyx gem in the front.
Cutie Mark: (Not sure what to put here since the place on his flank his cutie mark would've been is rotted off, most likely none)
Residence: Unknown
Occupation: Graverobber and body stealing
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Personality: Carrion is deceitful, manipulative, sadistic, and malicious, willing to do anything he can to tempt ponies into throwing away their desires, their dreams, their hopes, and even lives to him without an ounce of good or kindness in his heart (assuming he still has one). Carrion's one goal in life—or afterlife—is to gain ultimate power and usurp a kingdom of his own. Carrion, to put it simply, is nothing short of an abhorrent monster, and will stop at nothing if it means achieving his goal.
History: It's unknown how Carrion began, to the point even HE can't remember his first body, but it's likely that, the way most lichen are created, he must've a powerful unicorn obsessed with his own ever-approaching mortality and turned to the darkest of dark magic to become immortal. By transferring his soul into an already dead body, he lost his mind and became a monster.
Now, however, the self-proclaimed "Prince of the Dead" now seeks new souls. For each soul he consumes, he gains their power and even their body. Ultimately, though, if he were to ever steal the soul of an alicorn, he would become unstoppable.

What I'm hoping to create here is a unique, powerful, and unexpected villain to use for RP's. Prince Carrion is designed to be irredeemably evil, and play a role in stories similar to that of a Mephistopheles (or, if you prefer, Bill Cipher) type of role.

[FINAL] Infernalo

18 July 2017 - 03:42 AM

Roleplay Area: FFA

Name: Infernalo
Gender: Male
Age: Young Stallion
Species: Trossel (which I can explain and justify)
Eye color: Cyan Blue
Character color: Dark Grey
Mane/Tail/Other: Dark Burgundy mane, White tail, both have a pale yellow streak; Mane is a bit shaggy.
Physique: Thin but lean, a bit like a Pegasus would normally look. He also has a small black halo floating over his head that bursts into flames when he's angry.
Residence: Seldrienia (Capitol of Golirath, the Trossel's homeland); currently Canterlot
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Occupation: Infernalo is mostly a writer, spending most of his free time reading or studying magic to earn a living.
Cutie Mark: Winged Pitchfork (Trossels gain special power from their Cutie Marks; in Infernalo's case, his powers are Darkness and Heaven--hence the halo--both of which are extremely hard to master but very powerful)
Unique Traits: As a Trossel of Darkness and Heaven, Infernalo is capable of using both powerful dark magic but also powerful light magic (think more clerical stuff like healing, summoning lighting or divine punishment, that sort of thing).
With his power of Darkness, he can create small black holes to quickly transfer ponies or other beings (though the higher the density and further the distance, the more effort is needed, also there must be an exit hole or whatever is trapped is left falling in black void indefinitely until an exit is opened), can absorb corruption and dark energy, and even weaponize the dark energy for himself.
With his power of Heaven, though very mysterious, he naturally has control over light and can potentially master holy magic that would otherwise be unavailable to all but the most devout unicorns. He can read a pony's soul to find even the tiniest form of deception within them, alter the brightness of his halo with enough focus, and also create light constructs (or holograms), albeit only for a short time and nothing bigger than a foot or two taller than him.
History: Infernalo is the oldest of his family, living with two twin sisters: Frostburn (a Trossel of Fire and Ice) and Stonebolt (a Trossel of Thunder and Earth; a lot of Trossel names are pretty on the nose like that, though Infernalo's parents assumed he'd be a Fire Trossel).
His mother was a Darkness Trossel, like himself, and his father was an Earth and Fire Trossel; while he had deep respect for his mother, he was quite cold and even resented his father (unlike his sisters who returned his showering affection in spades, while Infernalo found him overbearing). Infernalo was a very happy, optimistic colt who had some trouble making friends, though it didn't get easier when he discovered his power.
Darkness and Heaven, while very powerful, are also very difficult Elements to master (though especially Darkness with its power to corrupt, seduce, and even drive some to madness) so his mother helped to train him to control his power and keep from hurting anypony. However, he lost much of his childhood, the few moments of his original optimism and happiness coming from his newborn sisters who he protected with every fiber of his being.
Character Personality: Infernalo is shown to be very reserved, cool, and very studious and intelligent, if a bit stand-offish and snarky at times. Because of this, he always seems to wear a very stern poker face that makes it difficult to read his emotions. While he does care about his family and his few friends, he has his own way of showing his affection and tends to leave most ponies at arms length. Ultimately, underneath Infernalo's sarcasm and egocentric intellect, he's secretly very lonely and fears that other ponies would assume he's a jerk or too mean. He's stern and serious, but it's ultimately to protect everypony and keep them safe.
Character Summary: Infernalo is a very serious, very intelligent and sarcastic pony belonging to the Trossel race. He uses his ability to manipulate and control the forces of Darkness and Heaven (okay, it's referred to as Heaven but it really just means "holy magic" and the like) to protect those close to him while still keeping them at a distance because he's secretly afraid they'd see him as evil or a monster. While he prefers his solitude, he just doesn't understand how to make friends.
Roleplay Area: Land of Equestria

AN: Forgot the reference image; all Trossels have spiked hooves like this, but only Infernalo and other Heaven Trossels have halos (they're normally some shade of gold or white but in the presence of darker elements like Darkness or Destruction and such, they can turn black; it's rare but not impossible)
mlp_fim_oc__infernalo_by_psyko6669-d4194(Also, sorry if the art looks kinda horseapples; let the record show I cannot draw, and I'll be the first one to tell you that)

Declare to the World "I Am Here!"

18 July 2017 - 03:23 AM

hi there, just here to introduce myself. I hope that I can play with you guys some time and contribute to your...whatever it is you do here. Here's hoping that I don't lose interest any time soon.