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Pay no attention to that girl behind the curtain...

22 July 2017 - 06:30 AM

Yeah, don't get up, it's just me (the fixture in the background with the bewildered expression on her face). I thought I'd stick a hoof in and tiptoe around a bit (don't worry, I'll wipe my feet first).  :D  

I'm a native of SoCal/OC and I've been an MLP fan since season 2. Aside from MLP, I'm into Barbie, American Girl movies, Miraculous Ladybug and a bunch of girly stuff. But I'm also a big fan of Star Wars, Disney, Pixar, Ghibli and the list goes on.  
I tend to get addicted to posting on forums. In fact, I'm here because the other MLP related forums I've been on are running out of new topics to explore and this looked like a cool new place to make a noise. I post a lot so if you notice somepony trying to necro a bunch of old threads, that'll likely be me.  :youmadbroo:  

Okay, that'll do it for now. No point in overstaying my welcome (that'll come later!) See ya around the boards!